4 Resolutions Parents Can Share With Their Little Hero (And 4 Habits To Avoid)

The holiday season is in full effect and many of us are looking forward to starting the new year on the right foot. While your little hero probably won’t have any New Year’s resolutions of there own, that doesn’t mean we as parents can’t share a few to help them develop good, healthy oral care habits.

Little Heroes knows that it is tough to keep up with all the plans we make, but that doesn’t mean we should stop setting goals for ourselves and our children. Their teeth deserve the best efforts every year, all year, so it is important to prioritize their care.

Remember that we as parents set the perfect example. Here is a quick list of resolution dos and don’ts that you can share with your young ones for taking care of your teeth:

4 New Year’s Resolutions To Share

  1. DO go to the dentist
  2. This is a simple but highly important resolution to share (and keep) with your little hero. The oral health care of you and your family depends on it. The fact remains that dentists are the best way to make sure all of your family’s efforts are effective.

    Dentists are the only ones who can spot serious issues like tooth decay, cavities, damaged teeth, and other potentially big problems for your teeth before it becomes too late. This is especially important for growing mouths.

  3. DO continue current good habits
  4. If you and your children are already brushing and flossing twice a day, then you are sure to see the amazing benefits of taking care of your teeth. As part of any other resolutions you make, keep up the good work. If you aren’t quite there yet, now is the time to start with the basics of any good oral health routine.

    Make brushing and flossing a family adventure by going through the process with your children before they go to bed. Be the ideal “tooth care” role model.

  5. DO eat more foods that are teeth-friendly
  6. One of the best resolutions that you can make with your family is to eat a healthier diet and foods that are teeth-friendly. Not only will you help keep cavities away but you’ll also be improving the overall health of your family.

    When it comes to healthy eating, dairy products are high in calcium and are great for the health of your teeth. Fibrous foods like broccoli, pears, and carrots help to scrub your teeth and keep them clean by stimulating saliva production.

  7. DO cut back on sugar
  8. Another very important resolution is to cut back on sugars. Overeating sugars can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and more. Set your little hero on the right path by cutting back on them starting today

4 Habits Not To Share With Your Little Hero

  1. DON’T let your child chew their nails (or anything that isn’t food)
  2. New Year’s resolutions can include breaking bad habits and starting good ones. One of the toughest habits to break, and one that is sneakily harmful to teeth, is biting nails.

    The bacteria under nails can cause infections in their mouths or chip enamel and knock teeth out of alignment. The same goes for crunching ice or chewing on pens and pencils. Keep an eye out on these habits and try to help your child stop them. Just remember to be patient with them during the process.

  3. DON’T ignore them grinding their teeth
  4. Regardless of who it is in your family, grinding teeth at night is never something that should be overlooked or forgotten. While there are a number of causes for the nocturnal friction, from stress to missing teeth, the variety of symptoms are all the reasons you need to take care of it.

    From headaches and tooth pain to cracks in teeth, the damage from teeth grinding can quickly become a costly problem. Talk to your Little Heroes family dentist as soon as possible if you notice anyone in your family dealing with this bedtime trouble.

  5. DON’T start/continue smoking
  6. There are some things that are just bad for you. Smoking is one of those things that is extremely harmful to your lungs, your heart, and other important parts of your body.

    Your mouth is one of those parts that is most at-risk from the danger smoking brings. It can stain teeth, cause gum disease, oral cancer, and dull your sense of taste. Keep your family safe from tobacco and remove it entirely from your lives. Teach your kids positive, health-conscious habits – not bad ones!

  7. DON’T give up even on days that tooth care doesn’t go perfectly.
  8. Life constantly changes and there are many things that can happen on a day-to-day basis that occupy our thoughts, causing us to simply forget our regular habits. This is going to happen and it is important to remember that tomorrow is a chance to get back on track. The main thing is to not compound things by having many days in a row where your family’s tooth care gets forgotten.

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