A Most Heroic Mission: Prepping for the New School Year

teaching kids proper dental hygieneSummer vacation can be one of the most exciting and fun times in your Little Hero’s year. However, as the warm summer days pass, the new school year gets closer and closer. As you and your Little Hero start gearing up with the coolest new clothes and awesome school supplies, it’s important to remember his/her oral care. Help your Little Hero make the best first impression on the first day of school with a bright and healthy smile!

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Know the ABCs of Amazing Oral Care!

Dental appointments for checkups, toothaches or dental emergencies can potentially see your Little Hero missing a big amount of school! The perfect way to avoid this situation is to implement heroic oral hygienic values in your Little Hero during summer vacation.

An effective and action-packed oral care routine will teach your Little Hero these values and give him/her a super confidence boost. The following are steps you can take to prepare for the upcoming school year:

  • Establish a brushing routine for your children to encourage them to brush at least twice a day.
  • Set up a timer to ensure that your Little Hero brushes for two minutes. Another helpful tip is to have them recite the alphabet twice, which takes approximately two minutes.
  • If your Little Hero’s toothbrush has been used for three months, it’s time for a new one! This will help keep the ravenous Sugarbugs
  • Encourage your Little Hero to start eating and snacking healthily. Once school begins, you can pack their lunches with tasty vegetables, delicious fruits and water to help avoid sugary drinks.
  • It’s important to get any dental appointments – cleanings, fillings, etc. – out of the way during the vacation period. Visit our super sidekicks at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry to get the most heroic help against the dreaded Sugarbugs.

It’s Time to Gear Up!

The new school year will be here soon and what better way to greet it than with a bright and shiny smile? The heroic team at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry has charged their super tools and prepared their power chambers to help your Little Hero fight for amazing oral hygiene! Make your way to our Mission location today!


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