A New Year, A New Smile for Your Little Hero!

It’s suggested that children visit a dentist twice a year or, on average, every five to six months. Now with the year coming to a close, it’s the best time to consider making a visit! Many people begin a new year with all types of wacky and logical resolutions. Now is the best time to get your little hero’s teeth checked out before he/she heads back to school in January.

Don’t Wait for Problems to Arise

In order to prevent cavities and other dental problems, find out if your little hero is experiencing any current issues with their teeth. After your initial visit or check-up, our pediatric dentists will tell you when and how often your child should visit based on their personal oral health. You’ll also want to teach your little one the importance of regular oral hygiene to keep the dreaded Sugarbugs away, and who better to reinforce that importance but the man in the white coat himself?

Hidden Concerns

Sometimes the problems associated with oral health are unseen. A child’s unhealthy diet, a toothache and growing cavities are some concerns that can be brewing internally. Know that we’ll do our best to treat your little hero to the best of our ability. Our team of super sidekicks will do everything possible to make sure your little one’s dental issues are taken care of in time for school.

Baby’s First Tooth

People often wonder when they should take their child or toddler to the dentist. The truth is, consider making a trip as soon as their first tooth appears. This will more than likely happen when your baby is six to seven months old. Caring for your little one’s baby teeth now will ensure that their adult teeth will be healthy.
Resolve for a Beautiful Smile!
Make a New Year’s Resolution to visit our local dentist at least twice a year. Start the year fresh by making an appointment with our San Juan location by calling 956.223.4428.


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