Candy: How Bad Can it Really Be?

A delectable candy bar can be an extremely hard treat to resist, especially when you’re an adventurous Little Hero. Chances are you, the real hero, experienced your fair share of candy-filled days in your childhood, too! However, while no one can deny the deliciousness of candy, the truth is they can leave a negative mark on your child’s sparkling smile.

At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we want your little adventurer to know exactly how those sugary sweets can cause damage, but more importantly, we want you to learn how to take evasive action!

candy harmful to teeth
Don’t fight the Sugarbugs alone! We’re here to help!

The Clock is Ticking!

It might seem silly, but mom did have a point when she said too much candy could rot your teeth! You see, your Little Hero’s mouth contains naturally-occurring and candy-loving bacteria known as streptococcus. As the bacteria eat the sugar from the candy, it produces acids that can potentially damage and break down the teeth. Drinking water can be helpful in removing these acids, but things might be problematic if candy residue becomes trapped in the crevices of teeth.

The longer the sweets are stuck in your Little Hero’s teeth, the more time the bacteria have to produce harmful acids. It really is not the amount of candy your child eats that will do the harm, but the amount of time it’s allowed to linger in his/her mouth.

Take Evasive Action!

Our Caped Crusaders know your child’s smile means the world to you and want to help prevent any possible damage. Keep your Little Hero from eating caramel or other soft candies that can easily latch onto teeth and remain there for long periods of time.

The ravenous Sugarbugs can take a huge hit if you encourage your Little Hero to brush his/her teeth or rinse with water immediately after eating sweets. Remember, sugar-free candies can be an optional treat if you want to avoid the harmful byproduct that comes with regular candy.

Let the Battle Begin!

The battle for a bright and healthy smile can be long and challenging, Little Hero. However, the heroic team at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry is ready to stand by your side during every fight against the Sugarbugs. Our super tools and power chambers are charged and ready to help your Little Hero today! Contact our location in Mission for more information about our services.


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