Six Common Pediatric Dental Problems You Need to Be Aware Of

Little heroes begin fighting the sugar bugs from the day they are born. As their top sidekick, it is up to you, the parent, to make sure that their dental hygiene is strong. Your team of Rio Grande Valley dentists here at Little Heroes Dentistry know that life can... Read more

Three Tips You Need to Know to Make Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist a Success

You’ve heard plenty of horror stories about teething and all the discomfort baby will feel during the tooth growing process.  You’ve been dreading this but the time has finally come. Your child has finally got their first tooth. That means it’s time to pay a little visit to the... Read more

Timeless Tips for Taking Care of Your Kid’s Teeth

With so much going on in our family, it can be easy to overlook important health issues as our kids grow up. From the day they are born to the day they move out, their health is a priority that requires constant care because of constant threats. The family... Read more

Gingivitis and Tips to Help You Deal with It

It’s no secret that it isn’t brushing your teeth too hard that causes your gums to bleed. It’s gingivitis. The staff at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry knows that a number of other oral health care issues tend to sit higher on people’s list of dental concerns. While worrying about... Read more

Saying Goodbye to Good Friends—Thumb and Pacifier Sucking

At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we know how much little ones love their thumbs and pacifiers. Helping your little hero to let go of that binky is probably going to lead to a couple of tantrums and restless nights, but don’t worry, it’s definitely doable and we’re here to... Read more

Don’t Pass Your Dental-Phobia to Your Kids

Parents know how much their little ones love to mimic their actions. Whether it’s pretending to make supper, treating their stuffed animals like children, hammering away at their “car,” or repeating a not-so-nice word, our little heroes are definitely keeping an eye on us. That’s why it is important... Read more

Pacifiers, Thumbsucking, and Baby Teeth

Like any good parent, you may be a bit worried about your child’s thumsucking or pacifier use. You’ve probably heard about all the the potential damage that overuse of the pacifier or thumbsucking can cause. What’s important to remember is that sucking is a natural reflex and that our... Read more

Early Eating Habits and Dental Health for Your Little Hero

There are a lot of exciting changes that occur early in your kid’s life and the move to a completely solid food diet is no exception. This switch to solid foods typically comes into play once all their teeth appear, which is around 2-3 years old. At Little Heroes... Read more