Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth in Children (Part 2)

tooth sensitivity in children

In early February, Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry listed some of the most common causes of sensitive teeth in your little one. Now, we want to provide more valuable information about other reasons behind tooth sensitivity in your Little Hero. We know you, the real hero, want your child’s smile to shine beautifully, so stay up to date with the most valuable insight we have to offer.

The Troubles of Thermal Conductivity

If your Little Hero has received silver amalgam fillings, you may be familiar with the wincing and scrunching of their faces due to pain and discomfort. Tooth sensitivity can occur as a result of the foil in fillings due to their high thermal conductivity.

Chips and Cracks

As an adult, you may be familiar with the pain and aches that can come with cracked teeth. Unfortunately, your Little Hero can sometimes feel the same. Misaligned teeth or grinding habits can often create tiny hairline cracks on your little one’s teeth, making it painful when eating and drinking.

Incorrect Brushing

Brushing is an integral weapon in the fight against impurities and can present a problem in your Little Hero’s quest for a healthier smile. However, although rare, using this tool incorrectly can be a gateway to sensitive teeth. Kids who brush their teeth too hard may end up breaking down their enamel and gums, which could potentially make way for tooth sensitivity.

Start Your Mission!

Your Little Hero’s fight for a healthier and brighter smile can be tough, but they don’t have to do it alone! Whether your child is fighting the ravenous Sugarbugs or learning the most important steps for oral hygiene, the Sidekicks of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry are here to help!


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