Dental Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for Your Little Hero’s Teeth – Part 1

herosteethTeaching your little hero that having healthy oral hygiene is extremely important, but it can also be a challenge. Little Heroes are growing fast and the earlier they learn about oral hygiene, the longer they’ll have a healthy smile. This week, we’re going to go over some mistakes when it comes to your little hero’s teeth.

Brushing Alone

Little heroes need to know the difference between brushing their teeth the right way and the wrong way, and it’s up to you to show them how. It may seem easy at first, but if they are under the age of 8, they more than likely have not developed the proper motor skills to brush correctly. Some may be brushing too harshly or softly. Be their guide and make sure they understand that each tooth must be clean in order to avoid any Sugarbugs from attacking. You don’t want Plaki Plak, Gingi Gin or the dreaded Cavity Creep rearing their ugly heads. Brushing at a 45-degree angle in a circular motion should do the trick.

Don’t Schedule Too Late

When is the best time to schedule your little hero’s first dental appointment? Try to get one in as soon as their first tooth appears or near their first birthday. The very first appointment can be for fun and educational purposes, too! Introduce them to the Little Heroes Dentistry’s Heroic Team of Super Sidekicks and allow them to familiarize themselves with a tour of the office. This field trip will put them at ease during their follow-up visits.

Going to Bed with a Bottle

Little Heroes have so much energy and putting them to bed can be quite a challenge. You may reach for a sippy cup or bottle filled with their favorite juice to lull them to dreamland, but you’re starting off their oral hygiene habits on the wrong foot. Juice or milk can be harmful to their teeth and may cause bacteria to grow in the mouth, which results in tooth decay. Water is always the better solution.

Educate Your Little Hero Today!

Get your Little Heroes started on their journey to healthy oral hygiene and make an appointment with us today. The Little Heroes Team will make sure your child has a comfortable and pleasant experience. Next week, we’ll have the second part of our series of common mistakes parents make when it comes to their little hero’s oral hygiene.


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