Did the Tooth Fairy Disappear Last Night? Three Things You Can Do to Make Up for It.

Did your little hero lose a tooth recently? Fantastic!

Did the tooth fairy come by? No? Don’t panic, Mom and Dad. These things happen sometimes, and luckily we here at Little Heroes Dentistry have a few tips you can use if the Tooth Fairy forgot to make her way around your home.

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A Little Sleight of Hand

It’s okay, we can still fix this. All you need is a dollar or two and a little sleight of hand. This technique requires a little thinking on your feet.

Open up your wallet, dig into your purse, or search the drawer for a few bucks, and, with the money palmed out of your child’s sight, offer to help them look for it in their bed. For maximum results, have your child check the foot of the bed.

Check underneath the blankets, pillows, and comforters until you get the brilliant idea to check between the mattress and the headboard, and then emerge victorious, money in hand.

Later you can call the tooth fairy and ask that she reimburse you. Crisis averted.

Find Out Why She Forgot

Parent’s don’t forget to use a little bit of imagination with this one…

If you are one of the lucky ones that has the tooth fairy’s phone number, perhaps giving her a call to get some answers would be in order. But don’t lay it on her too hard! She has millions of children to see every night, and the life of the tooth fairy can be awfully stressful.

When you call her, she will normally give a valid reason as to why she didn’t make it out. Some of her common excuses are:

  1. She ran out of fairy dust – Obviously, all fairies need fairy dust to fly and perform magical feats. Without it, she may not have had enough to make it to your house.
  2. The bedroom was too messy – The tooth fairy is a little bit of a neat freak, and if the children’s room is too messy, she may not fly in. Make sure your children clean their rooms really well before the tooth fairy makes her way there.
  3. Pets – A tooth fairy can be a light snack for your pets, so make sure they are kept somewhere away from the children’s bedroom.
  4. The kids went to bed too late – Sometimes when children fall asleep too late, the tooth fairy will be too tired to make her deliveries.

Whatever the case may be, usually the tooth fairy has a good reason why she didn’t make it.

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Get Creative

If you are unable to get a hold of her on her Tooth Fairy hotline, and you couldn’t manage to scrounge up a few dollars, don’t panic. It’s time to get creative.

Did you check the front door? Sometimes the Tooth Fairy will leave a note explaining why she couldn’t go inside the house. On rare occasions, she’ll leave some money with a note explaining that she will be coming at a later time. She even likes to hide the note around the house, making it a hide-and-go-seek event that children can enjoy.

Of course, your child can write a letter to her with the intent that you send it to the Tooth Fairy headquarters. Mail can be a slow process, so while it may not be the optimal method for resolution, it can give you time to think of a different plan.

Don’t forget to get your Little Heroes teeth cleaned before they fall out and the Tooth Fairy comes!

It hasn’t been 100% confirmed, but some say that the tooth fairy pays out a little extra if the teeth she picks up are cleaned out and in good condition. The only way for your children to maximize their Tooth Fairy payout is to visit their pediatric dentists at Little Heroes Dentistry.
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