Does Thumb Sucking Affect My Little Hero’s Teeth?

thumb sucking and teeth growthThe lulling effect of sucking on a pacifier, a thumb or a finger can make your Little Hero feel secure, happy and relaxed. While there’s nothing sweeter than seeing your child fall asleep as they suck on their thumb, the effect it can potentially have on his/her teeth can be worrisome. So, how can you help your Little Hero stop this habit? Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry has the information you, the real hero, need.

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Know the Effects

There are several factors that can play a role in the effects of thumb sucking. The level of intensity in the sucking motion can determine its effects on your child’s teeth. A child who passively rests his/her thumb in their mouth may not be as affected as a child who sucks on an object aggressively. Pacifier sucking can be an easier habit to break, but keep in mind that their effects on your Little Hero’s teeth can be the same as thumb sucking.

A child will generally stop sucking between the ages of two and four, or when their permanent teeth are on their way to appearing. If your Little Hero continues to suck on an object after his/her permanent teeth begin to show, the growth of their mouth and teeth alignment may be affected.

Helping Your Little Hero

You might be wondering how you can help your Little Hero stop their thumb sucking habit. The following tips may be just what you’re looking for.

  • Give your child praise when he/she doesn’t suck
  • Comfort and calm your child by correcting the cause for their emotions. This will keep them from sucking to relax
  • If your Little Hero is older, let them find a method to stop their sucking
  • Make a trip to Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, where our super sidekicks will explain to your child the effects of sucking

Act Fast, Little Hero!

The battle for a healthy and bright smile can be long and grueling, but our heroic team is here to follow your Little Hero to victory! Our weapons are ready, our battle stations are charged and our devotion for maximum oral health is stronger than ever. Bring your child to Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry in Mission to take the first step in their journey for healthy teeth!


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