Don’t wait! Set a date and beat the back to school rush!


Your little heroes are out of school for the summer and ready to enjoy their time off. To beat the summer heat, kids like to indulge in treats like refreshing soda and sweet juices, ice cream, popsicles and more. While those treats are delicious and satisfying, they can cause those dreadful sugar bugs to return. Let’s beat those summertime sugar bugs and get ahead of the back to school rush by setting an appointment today.

Planning a vacation? Kids work hard all school year and deserve some time away on vacation to destress from homework and exams. If an out of town trip is coming up, we’ve got you covered. Our little heroes deserve a vacation ready smile. We’ll make those pearly whites look whiter, brighter, and more beautiful. Getting their teeth cleaned before a trip can help make any foods and drinks consumed much more manageable for their precious teeth. Stop by and see us before you leave to ensure their teeth are sugar bug free.

We recommend that most children visit us twice a year and summer is an ideal time because school is out and schedules are a bit more flexible in comparison to the school year. Kids are so involved in school activities these days that finding time for dental appointments can be difficult. Who wants to miss a day of school?  Well, we don’t want our little heroes to miss out on important class time and have to deal with make-up assignments. By getting the dental check up before starting school in the fall, any issues with their teeth will be resolved and school will not be missed.

Another benefit of timing a dental visit prior to going back to school, is if there are any problems we’ll catch them ahead of time and ensure that the child will not be bothered by any kind of dental infection or pain in class. We want our children to value their teeth and know the importance of regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene.

Return to class flashing a joyful and healthy smile! By setting an appointment today, we can spot any oral health issues that children may have such as the sugar bugs or gum disease and use preventive measures to ensure that our little heroes are treated properly. Our little scholars sometimes need to be reminded of the best way to brush and floss their teeth; our trained dental professionals will show them the proper techniques. Make sure your child is up-to-date on fluoride treatments. Fluoride makes teeth stronger, which in turn, helps fight tooth decay.

Regular checkups and preventative dental care such as cleanings and fluoride treatment provide your children with the protection they need.

At Little Heroes Dentistry, we want our little heroes to have a smile brighter than the sun. We are committed to battling those summertime sugar bugs so that our children are back to school ready. Beat the back to school rush by calling and setting an appointment today.


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