Fight the “Sugar Wars” by Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month


It’s that time of year again for little heroes to show off their smiles and remember the importance of healthy teeth and gums! February is National Children’s Dental Health Month which promotes healthy oral hygiene to children all across the country. This year’s theme is “Sugar Wars.”

Throughout February, little heroes are encouraged to fight in the “Sugar Wars” like a real superhero. It’s not easy saying no to those tasty sweets, so here are a few helpful sure-fire ways to get on the right track.

Reach for the Water When Thirsty

A refreshing glass of cold lemonade may seem like a healthier alternative to soda, but ice teas, lemonades, juices and sports drinks still contain loads of sugar. They might be great at washing lunch down, but they can flood your little hero’s pearly whites with harmful sugar that can erode their precious chompers.

Water and milk help keep teeth healthy and repair eroded enamel. Take it a step further and use fluoridated water and fluoride toothpaste to help harden enamel and protect teeth from harmful acids.

Stay Away from Candy

You don’t have to be a little hero to know that too much candy is bad for your teeth. Sweets are fine in moderation, but beware of the sticky stuff. Not only is gummy candy hard to get rid of, but chewy gooey cookies, cakes, donuts and ice cream also cling to teeth and never let go, causing Plaki Plak to appear!

Fruits are the best sweet, non-sticky substitutes for candy. They contain a high percentage of water that prevents them from damaging teeth. Plus, they’re delicious, nutritious and can easily satisfy a sweet tooth and hunger.

It’s All About the Upkeep

Sugar is the enemy and the easiest way to defeat it is to brush away any sugary residue twice a day to keep it from destroying your little hero’s happy smile. Flossing and rinsing are all a part of maintaining good oral health. Tell your little hero to think of his/her toothbrush as a weapon battling pesky sugar particles from attacking the mouth. Try the 2-2-2 rule and remember to visit your dentist twice a year and brush and floss twice a day for two minutes.

Start the Fight Today!

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, encourage your little heroes to get on the right track by reminding them that taking care of their teeth is all a part of being brave. Make sure to schedule an appointment at any of our power


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