Food, Flossing and Grinding Prevention Tips for Your Little Hero

Despite what you may have heard, brushing twice a day and flossing is not always enough to keep the pesky Sugarbugs away! Let’s talk about your little one’s teeth and what it takes to have the brightest, cavity-free smile! Did you know that the most common chronic childhood disease in America is tooth decay? That’s a frightening 50% of first grade students that later becomes 80% of teens! Let’s lower that statistic one dental visit at a time.

Baby’s First Visit

Children’s teeth can start to form as early as birth. Important care and thorough rinsing are crucial at this age as their diets consist of thick milk that can often leave residue on teeth and gums. A baby bottle containing anything other than water can cause tooth decay. Be sure to never leave one in your infant’s mouth while sleeping.

Sugars in liquids can mix with bacteria in dental plaque, forming acids that eat away at tooth enamel. When is the best time for your little hero to make their first visit to the dentist? How about celebrating your child’s first birthday with a fun party to the dentist’s office?


A healthy life will lead to healthy teeth, and what we put in our bodies matters! Make sure your children get plenty of calcium from yogurt, milk, cheese and dark leafy greens. Since calcium is a natural ingredient in tooth enamel, make sure they eat healthy foods that will prevent calcium from deteriorating with age. Remember to have your little one rinse with water after eating.

Make sure to floss not just regularly, but properly! Dentists recommend that in order to effectively remove plaque, hook the floss like a C around your little one’s tooth. This way, it hooks out the plaque from between the contact points of the teeth.

Tooth Grinding

Clenching and grinding is a habit that, unfortunately, many children suffer from, yet never express concern for. Most teeth grinding occurs while sleeping. We suggest monitoring your child while he/she sleeps for any signs of grinding or clenching. If your child is grinding, you will most likely hear it and see their jaw line moving slowly back and forth. This can cause sore facial muscles and cracked or chipped teeth. Not many people know that our dentists can help with this.

Superhero Parenting Starts with a Smile

These tips may seem like common sense and we understand the busy lifestyles of parents. It can be easy to overlook everyday hygiene or get lazy with brushing and flossing, but remember it’s the little things that add up and turn into bigger problems down the road. Your hero is on the path to saving their smiles. Help guide them with regular visits to Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry in Mission!


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