Get Your Dental Checkups Done Before School Starts!

dental checkup for kidsThe new school year is getting closer, which means a big chunk of your time will soon be spent shopping for new clothes and school supplies for your Little Hero. While shoes, books and pencils are a must, the super sidekicks at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry encourage you to schedule a dental checkup before classes start. Doing so can be the perfect defense against those ravenous Sugarbugs, but there are other reasons why a back-to-school dental checkup is a heroic idea!

Don’t play the waiting game. Schedule an appointment with us today!

It Might Just be Required

A copy of a child’s dental checkup results can often be required by several school districts before school kicks off. Scheduling an appointment, rather than waiting until the last minute, can be the best way to avoid any possible problems with the school. Even if your school district doesn’t require a dental checkup, get it done anyway. Why? Because it’s the best way to help your Little Hero greet the new school year with a bright and shiny smile!

Timeliness Matters

Experts in the dental field recommend regular dental checkups for your Little Hero. Many of these professionals believe six months should be the maximum amount of time to wait between each visit. If your Little Hero has not visited our power chambers in the last six months, now is the perfect time!

Missed Days No More!

A routine dental checkup or dental emergency can often mean missed days from school, which is the last thing most parents want. To prevent your Little Hero from missing these important days, schedule your visit with Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry before the first bell rings!

It’s Time to Act!

Help your Little Hero make the best impression on the first day of school by promoting a bright and healthy smile. Our caped crusaders are ready to equip and assist your Little Hero in the battle for optimum oral hygiene. Our tools are charged and our power chambers are ready! Contact Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry in Mission for more information today!


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