Guess Who’s Back In Town

Who would’ve thought our Little Heroes team could get any better at defeating those despicable Sugarbugs.  But they have.  And now they’re back, better than ever.

Plaki Plak, Gingi Gin, and Cavity Creep don’t stand a chance now!

Fresh from their American Academy of Pediatric Dentist (AAPD) annual session in San Antonio, our Little Heroes Sidekicks have learned some brand-spanking new cavity fighting techniques, made new AAPD friends, and had some adventures.

To begin with, those cowardly Sugarbugs thought that they could scare our fearless Sidekicks by setting off the fire alarm at 1:30 in the morning.  But whether in scrubs or PJ’s, our Little Heroes Family knows how to fight the good fight.  So with a little help from the San Antonio Fire Department, our Little Heroes Sidekicks were able to make Plaki Plak and Gini Gin vamoose into the night. 

Finally getting back into their hotel, the Little Heroes Family found their rooms to be a little hot.  But cavities could never make them sweat!  And so they woke happily to a glorious Friday morning, ready to be inspired by super artist Erik Wahl.  Thrilling, uplifting, and just outright awesome, Erik empowered our Team of Sidekicks to be the best that they can be.  In fact, our Sidekicks had such great seats, that they were able to get a little close up experience with Erik himself.  What a treat! (But not the sugar kind.)

Of course, like every good Sidekick, our Little Heroes Family members love to learn.  So they took the opportunity to attend a variety of classes including:

  • Auto Transplantation, which taught our team about the long-term effect of dental trauma in children and adolescents.
  • Face Time, which helped our Sidekicks to learn about the different facial types and how they affect human growth.  Which will come in handy in our everyday crusades against those dirty Mouth Monsters.
  • A top-secret class only known as…Special Ops.  Now our team couldn’t spill too much information, but they did say, what they learned will help fight all sorts of infections by keeping our instruments tip-top clean, and our Little Heroes safe.

So with a full day of fun, learning, and excitement behind them, our Little Heroes Family was able to relax a bit Friday night at the Welcome Reception.  And man o’ man was it a fiesta!

We’re talking shredded chicken tacos, melt in your mouth brisket, Cajun style crawfish, gorditas, nitrogen frozen ice cream, carnival rides, and games.  And even on a full stomach, they still managed to dance the night away.  But don’t worry.  They didn’t forget to brush and floss before falling asleep.

Saturday was just as great.  After waking up to Texas shaped waffles (and no sign of those dastardly Sugarbugs), our Sidekicks were able to get some more learning in, between visiting exhibits and learning about new tooth-care products.

Some of the interesting presentations our team had a chance to participate in were:

  • My First 12 Months with an All-tissue Laser: The Myths and Realities of This New Technology in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Diagnose Challenges in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Austin Spectrum Disorder and the Microbiome – the Surprising Connection
  • Juicy News About Pulp Therapy

And those were just a few of the classes they were able to attend.

Though it was a bit sad for our team to leave all their wonderful AAPD friends behind, the annual conference did end with a lot of joyful goodbyes and see-you-laters.  Plus, this motivating trip did help our Little Heroes Family to bond, acquire knowledge, and develop new skills. Check out this awesome video we created to share our adventure with you!

So with San Antonio in their rearview, and big bright beautiful smiles in their future our Little Heroes Sidekicks have made their way back home.  So make sure you pay them a visit at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry so they can tell you all about their crazy adventure themselves. Call our offices in Laredo at 956-568-6690, Mission at 956-581-4403, or San Juan at 956-223-4428.


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