Heroic Tips to Fight Off the Cavity Creep

The world of hygiene can be full of ugly villains and Cavity Creep is one of the ugliest. This nasty member of the Sugarbugs can put a damper on your Little Hero’s smile, but the heroic team at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry knows just how to put an end to this villain’s evil plot. Follow our awesome tips and prevent the demineralization and decay of your little one’s shining smile.

Sugars be Gone

Cavity Creep likes to sneak into your young child’s smile through sugary and acidic drinks. To prevent this, limit the amount of soda and fruit juice your Little Hero drinks and replace it with water. This will definitely help keep your child’s smile flawless.

Sleeping Woes

Sugar is Cavity Creep’s favorite food and can also accelerate the damaging decay process. If your child is ready for a well-deserved nap, prevent him/her from falling asleep with a bottle of juice or milk. If they need a drink before sleeping, water is the best alternative.

No More Sippy Cups

Once your child reaches 12 to 15 months of age, it’s highly advised to make the switch to regular cups. Prolonged use of sippy cups and bottles can negatively affect their young teeth and put them on the fast track to damaged smiles.

Healthy Snacks Are a Must

Your little ones can often get cravings for sticky and sugary snacks, but it’s best to prevent them from eating either of these as much as possible, or altogether. Fruits, veggies and cheese are a healthier alternative for their teeth and will help increase saliva flow to clear food particles and bacteria. These alternatives help slow Cavity Creep down.

Establish a Proper Eating Regimen

Constant munching on snacks can be detrimental for a child’s oral health. Instead, set up regular meal times and compliment them with a regular intake of healthy snacks. Avoid feeding your little one foods heavy in sugars or acids. It’s these sugary foods that Cavity Creep likes to eat. They enable him to grow and do more dental damage.

Lead by Example

It’s highly important for you to set a good example in oral hygiene for your Little Hero by showing them the correct way to brush and floss. Also teach them the necessity of proper dental care. Explain why brushing is important, but do so in a way easy for them to understand. One great way is to incorporate the Sugarbugs as the villains. For example, “Look at me brush and floss, I’m getting these Sugarbugs out.”

Help Them Out

Your child will need your help with brushing and flossing until around ages 6 or 7. Even after they’ve learned to do it themselves, poke your head into the bathroom from time to time to make sure they’re doing it correctly. Encourage their good work and tell them how healthy their teeth look. Positive reinforcement can help anchor good habits.

Ready for Battle!

The fight against Cavity Creep and the other Sugarbugs can be difficult and exhausting, but Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry is here to lend your little ones a helping hand. Our team of brave Sidekicks have every weapon your Little Hero needs to fight for oral hygiene. Our super tools and power chambers are geared up and ready to help your little one on the quest for a beautiful smile!


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