How to Handle a Spring Break Dental Emergency

Spring Break is one of the most eagerly anticipated holidays of the year for most families (and especially the children). After the long, cold months of winter, everyone is ready for a taste of better weather and an adventure to a warm, relaxing, or adventurous destination.

Nothing can derail a fun week, though, like a child’s dental emergency.

Pediatric dental emergencies are always unpleasant, but they are especially inconvenient when you’re on vacation. With the dental tips outlined below, you can be prepared for Spring Break dental emergencies and head out on vacation with peace of mind.

However, if your child should suffer a spring break dental accident, contact Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry at our Laredo, San Juan, or Mission locations and schedule an appointment today. As a leader in family dentistry, Little Heroes is always happy to help you care for your children’s dental health.

Before You Head out on Your Trip

The best way to handle a dental emergency is to prevent it in the first place. Consider making an appointment with your children’s dentist before heading out of town to make sure their teeth are in optimal condition. You can help prevent many Spring Break dental emergencies by taking your child to a trusted family dentistry team for a thorough teeth cleaning, complete with fluoride treatment and x-rays, to determine if your child has any cavities. It’s always best to know before you head out of town.

What to Do If an Emergency Occurs

Despite your best prevention efforts, dental emergencies can still happen during family vacations. Here is what you should you do if your child experiences tooth pain or damages their teeth during Spring Break when you are away from home and your children’s dentist.

  • Toothaches: For toothaches, rinse your child’s mouth with warm water and gently floss the teeth to clear them of any bits of food that could be causing pain. Although you can give your child oral pain-relieving medicine, you should avoid directly touching a painful spot in the mouth with an aspirin tablet. This once-popular treatment has been found to have no positive effects and will only irritate the gums. If the toothache continues or worsens, contact a dentist.
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth: For a chipped or broken tooth, apply a cold compress to minimize swelling and contact a dentist to have the tooth repaired. Leaving the tooth in a damaged condition may be the easiest option, but doing so could lead to further damage and pain.
  • Displaced Tooth: If one of your child’s adult tooth gets completely knocked out, the American Dental Association recommends placing the tooth in a cup of milk until you can reach a dentist and have it implanted back into the mouth. Be sure that you don’t scrub the tooth because it is important to keep the root intact. If the tooth and root are dirty, you can gently rinse them off, but avoid being too aggressive in cleaning. Time is of the essence in preserving the tooth, so you should go to the emergency room if you cannot find a local dentist who can see you immediately.
  • Injured Tongue or Lip: Spring Break means plenty of time playing outside with friends. This can lead to an accidental injury to the tongue or lip. If this happens, have your child gently wash the area with water and use an ice pack to reduce any swelling. If the gash is deep and won’t stop bleeding, head to the emergency room.

Finding a Dentist During Your Trip

Depending on the type of Spring Break dental emergency, you may need to find a dentist near you. According to the American Dental Association, good dental care is increasingly available in many parts of the world. If you have travel insurance, there is likely a hotline available that you can call to find a nearby dentist. Or use your online research skills (i.e. Google) to find a highly recommended family dentist in the city/area you are in.

Little Heroes is wishing you and your family a very safe and fun Spring Break. But if a dental emergency happens, we’ll be ready to help you fix the issue.

Spring Break should be a fun time for your family. Arming yourself with these dental tips can help you enjoy peace of mind during your vacation and maximize the time you get to spend as a family.

If you live in the South Texas region and want to prepare your family for Spring Break dental emergencies, call one of our Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry offices to make an appointment. Our experienced and compassionate team will do all that we can to help your family avoid a Spring Break dental emergency.


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