How to Make Dental Care Fun for Your Little Hero

If you don’t remind your little hero to brush her teeth every morning and night, she’ll likely not do it. Most kids dread the thought of wasting two whole minutes standing in front of a sink brushing their teeth. In fact, studies have shown that 3 out of 4 kids do not brush regularly or oftentimes skip brushing altogether. That’s why it’s important to develop a dental hygiene routine early on before the Sugarbugs attack!

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At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, our goal is to make dental care fun for every child. Our facilities are equipped with an Activity Zone that sets kids on a path to better oral health. Learn more about all the ways we make a trip to the dentist an unforgettable adventure. With locations in Laredo, Mission, and San Juan, we’re sure to be a short drive away.

For parents having trouble establishing a brushing routine, try these activities to help your little hero get used to brushing her teeth:

Fun toothpaste flavors and colors.

Plain white toothpaste is boring. Kids see adults use it and are immediately uninterested in the act of brushing. Opt for flavorful paste like bubblegum in fun, sparkly colors to engage your child. You can walk into any store and find a wide variety of kid-friendly toothpaste that your little hero will surely love.

Sing a song.

Singing or playing a song while brushing helps your little one concentrate on the song and distract her from the brushing. Find a song that is around a minute in length and encourage her to brush her teeth throughout the entirety of the tune. One to two minutes is the recommended time, but she’ll never realize how long has gone by if she’s chanting along to her favorite song. Here are the top ten songs about superheroes if you need inspiration!

Play the copycat game.

Toddlers love to mimic adults in their lives. To your little hero, you’re the real hero and role model. If your baby loves to follow you around and do the same activities you do, use this to your advantage. Play the copycat game while brushing your teeth. You can do this by encouraging your baby to follow your movements from beginning to end. This should be a fun moment for your child. Tooth brushing won’t feel like a chore if it brings up happy memories. 

Incentivize frequently.

If your little hero is reluctant to brushing altogether, offer an extra half hour of play time or a special treat you know they’ll love. It should be the last step in establishing a routine, but providing incentives will help your child associate the act of tooth brushing with rewarding and positive feelings.

Dental Care Games and Craftsbrush

Painting with a toothbrush.

This craft is ideal for preschool children, and all you need is construction paper, white paint, and a toothbrush. Using a single sheet of yellow construction paper, help your little hero make a cutout of a tooth. Add a dollop of white paint to a paper plate and paint away. The goal is to cover all the yellow “discoloration” with white paint using the toothbrush. With this activity, your baby will learn that brushing helps avoid surface stains and discoloration that may result from Superbug shenanigans.

Lessons from the Tooth Fairy.

Leaving a tooth for the tooth fairy is just one of those things every child should experience. Encourage your little hero to write a special note after losing a tooth. Make sure she tucks the note and her tooth under her pillow. Sneak in late at night, and leave a small token with a special note in response. The note should address the importance of dental hygiene. Write the note as if the Tooth Fairy herself sent it. Nobody has to know the truth!

Fruits and veggies game.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to care for your little hero’s pearly whites.
A diet low in sugary foods and high in vitamins and minerals will help prevent Superbugs like Plaki Plak and Cavity Creep from invading your baby’s mouth and causing dental carries. Click To Tweet
Cut out pictures of fruit and vegetables from magazines or printed images and toss them in a bowl or bag. Then, make cutouts for sugary foods like candy and soda and add them to the mix. Instruct your little hero to distinguish between “happy teeth” foods and “sad teeth” foods from the cutouts she retrieves from the bag.

Pediatric Dentistry Like No Other

Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry understands the challenges of teaching your child the importance of good dental hygiene. That’s why we offer a unique twist to pediatric dentistry. We aim to empower little heroes in their quest to dental health. Call our offices today to schedule an appointment. We’ll help your child set foot on an adventure to defeat the Sugarbugs that cause plaque and cavities. Our offices are located in Laredo (956-568-6990), Mission (956-581-4403), and San Juan (956-223-4428).


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