Is Your Little Hero Old Enough to Floss?

flossing for kidsYour Little Hero can use several super tools, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, to keep a bright and shiny smile. There’s no denying that floss can be the perfect way to prevent the Cavity Creep from reaping havoc, but at what age can your Little Hero start using it? The caped crusaders of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry have the answers you need.

Start at an Early Age

Your child’s teeth must be kept clean and healthy from the get-go, so it’s important to start flossing as soon as they begin to touch one another. This is generally by the time they’re 2 ½ years of age. When your Little Hero is ready to take on school, he/she should know the basics of flossing. They might struggle at first and, although it will take a few years for them to become flossing pros, you can help them improve every day.

Encourage your child to floss every night before bed or at least twice a week. Remember that tips and advice can go a long way. One very important pointer you can give your Little Hero is to give the floss some slack and loosen his/her grip to allow more comfort.

Our Battle Stations are Ready!

The battle for an amazing and beautiful smile starts at a young age and your Little Hero should be fully equipped to come out victorious. The super sidekicks of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry are ready to give you and your child the advice you need. Our battle stations are always charged and ready to accompany your Little Hero on their greatest adventure yet! Contact our location in Laredo for more information today!


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