It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Sidekicks in Training

Those toothless villains, Plaki Plak, Gingi Gin, and Cavity Creep, have started up again with their diabolical plans.  But no need to fret, The Little Hero Family is back in training to make sure their super tools are updated and ready to go against those rascally Sugarbugs.

From May 26 through the 29th, The Little Hero Family will be at their annual Sidekick Training, otherwise known as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) annual session.  And what better place to learn how to battle the Sugarbugs than our beautiful Texas neighbor – San Antonio.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is a gathering of the greatest warriors who battle those horrible Sugarbugs.  The AAPD heroes: promote evidence-based policies and clinical guidelines; educate and inform policymakers, parents, guardians and healthcare professionals; foster research; and offer continuing professional education.

Plus, with over 9,900 members nation-wide who provide dental specialty treatments for infants, children, adolescents, and individuals with special health care needs, those pesky Sugarbugs don’t stand a chance.

So when The Little Hero sidekicks join this army of cavity fighting individuals, those Sugarbugs will get set straight.

And if there’s one thing that the Little Hero sidekicks have learned throughout their years of battling Sugarbugs, it’s that healthy teeth are only just one piece of a healthy body.  Some sidekicks will be up bright and early participating in a 5K Run/Walk to prepare themselves for chasing down those cowardly and sugary rapscallions.  And believe us…Plaki Plak is waaaay to slow to escape a great cleaning from them.

After a healthy and hearty breakfast, our sidekicks will be joining a nationwide team of superheroes, heroines, super-geniuses, and Sugarbug fighters, to learn as much as they can about children’s oral health.  Since defeating Gingi Gin and Cavity Creep is at the top of our sidekick to-do list, our local team will be sharpening their skills in a variety of areas including: special health care needs, how to eat candy, international approaches to clinical pediatric dentistry, nutrition prescription, and even esthetic pediatric restorative dentistry.

Our Little Hero sidekicks will be learning a new trick or two from an internationally recognized super artist – Erik Wahl. Erik specializes in showing sidekicks how to use laser-like forcus and teamwork to defeat the Sugarbugs.   Erik’s super abilities include live-painting sessions weaved into a unique and passionate message that will send shivers down those Sugarbugs spines.  In fact, his prized artwork often encourages innovation and superior levels of performance by sidekicks unseen since the first brushing against those sticky Sugarbugs.

So, Erik will be sharing his incredible message with our wonderful team – a message he’s already disclosed to some of the most influential companies in the world.

And actually, his presentations are so engaging that many organizations have claimed it to be the single moment when their team of sidekicks finally “got it”.

Don’t worry though – our Little Hero sidekicks will be back in no time flat.  Ready to share all the remarkable new skills and abilities they’ve learned.  So make sure you schedule an appointment at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry so our sidekicks can update you on all the new techniques they’ve learned to beat some Sugarbugs.   Call our offices in Laredo at 956-568-6690, Mission at 956-581-4403, or San Juan at 956-223-4428.


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