Kool Kids Wear Braces

For a child, especially a teenager, getting braces can be a major event.  Thoughts of how they’ll look, and what people are going to think, might just be running through their minds!

Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry knows that braces are a huge deal, but they don’t have to be a huge problem.  Help kids to think of them as adding some character to their already cool selves.  Plus, it shows a lot courage and willingness to take risks.

Going back to school with those newly set braces will surely bring them some attention.  But there’s no reason for them to be afraid.  Help them to remember, that they’ll be the lucky ones who are able to get those pearly whites straightened while still at a young age.  Which means they’ll soon have a smile that shines bright like a shooting star.

Convincing your child to not worry about braces can be difficult, but there’s no need to stress. We can get through this together.

So what are some ways that kids will outshine their peers when they get back into the classroom?

Well, here are a few that will make them want to rush back to school.


As mentioned before, getting braces is a HUGE deal, and it can indeed be scary when the doctor says those three words – “you need braces”.  Deciding to go through with the process may cause some panic in your child, but just reassure them that the bravery they display in getting those braces on makes them just like a superhero!

It takes a lot of courage to be calm and positive about this change.  Remind your child that facing their fears will make them stronger in the future, and that their courage is something their classmates will admire.  In fact, Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry bets that students in their classroom will be looking up to your kids and want to follow in their footsteps.

Added Fashion

Who doesn’t want to add more color to their style? Wearing braces gives you the upper hand because not only do your shoes match your outfit for the day, but also your smile!  There are dozens of different colored bands to choose from, so don’t worry, your child’s favorites are more than likely going to be on hand.

If they just can’t make up their mind, then they can usually choose from various colors to be placed on at the same time.  Mix and match!

They won’t even have to stick with the same colors, because depending on the reason that they visit their orthodontist, they should be able to change them out every 4-6 weeks.

Believe us…your child will be anticipating their next visit just so they can update and show off the new colors they are sporting.  Who says braces aren’t fashionable?

Celebrities Wear Braces Too

Your child is sure to have some celebrities that they look up to and admire.  The reality is that many of these celebrities had to also wear braces at some point in their lives.  It’s important to remember that not EVERYONE is born with naturally straight teeth like we see in the movies and on television. 

Letting your child know that they are not alone, and that their favorite star once had to go through the same experience, might make them feel just a little better when they walk through their classroom door.

In fact here are a couple of celebrities that had braces:
Selena Gomez
Kendall Jenner
Emma Watson
Jaden Smith
Niall Horan
Gwen Stefani

And the list goes on.

Your child will feel much more at ease and confident knowing that one-day, their smiles will be as beautiful as those they look up to.

Wearing braces is actually a popular trend right now among Millennials and no longer holds the same social stigma as before.  With so many advances in technology, there have been extreme changes in the way that they look and feel.  Plus, there are even options of clear braces, which are hardly noticeable.

Here at Little Heroes Dentistry we want to make your child as comfortable and confident as possible. We understand that every patient requires special care and so we work closely with you to figure out the best treatment option for your child.

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