Let’s Talk Oral Hygiene with Retainers

dental hygieneYou helped your Little Hero achieve the perfect smile with braces and now it’s time to keep it all in place with a retainer. It’s important to remember that oral hygiene continues to be extremely important once the braces come off. So, how do you encourage your Little Hero to keep up the fight for a clean and healthy smile? Teach them how to properly care for their oral hygiene when a fixed or removable retainer is placed.

Tips for Fixed Retainers

The fight for optimum oral hygiene starts with your Little Hero’s most important weapon: the toothbrush. Encourage your youngster to brush his/her teeth using the proper technique before flying into specific retainer hygiene. While flossing is important at all times, it can be a bit tricky to do with a fixed retainer. Orthodontic floss, proxabrushes and ultrasonic flossers can be the perfect tools to get into those hard-to-reach places under and around the retainer.

Tips for Removable Retainers

It’s important to understand that things can be slightly different if your Little Hero uses a removable retainer. The brushing technique will remain the same but the next steps will be slightly different. Have your Little Hero remove the retainer before brushing and encourage them to brush it when their teeth are bright and clean.

Remind your child of the importance of brushing every spot on the retainer to prevent an attack from the feisty Sugarbugs. Soaking the retainer in a denture cleanser at least once a week can also fend off any bacteria or other impurities. Keep in mind that warm water can potentially warp the retainer, so carry out every step with cold water only.

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The battle for the cleanest and healthiest smile is in full swing and Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry is ready to accompany your child through their journey. Our super sidekicks and caped crusaders are ready to equip your Little Hero with everything needed to come out victorious! Visit our location in Mission for more information about our comprehensive services.


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