Little Hero Tips: Brushing with Braces On

Braces can be your Little Hero’s best line of defense when fighting for a better smile! While the braces put in the effort to straighten and strengthen your Little Hero’s teeth, it’s his/her job to keep them extremely clean. Improper cleaning can intensify the effects of the evil Sugarbugs, but don’t worry, Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry is here to help.

Get some more tips on how to take care of your braces, Little Heroes!

Follow Our Super Guidelines

brushing tips for kids with bracesBraces make it easy for food particles and plaque to find their way into the tiniest of places. Poor cleaning can additionally lead to potential enamel staining and tooth decay in the area around your Little Hero’s brackets. Our super sidekicks and caped crusaders have created a set of tips that will keep your Little Hero’s teeth clean and healthy while they wait for the perfect smile!

  • Prepare for Battle – To properly brush their teeth, your Little Hero will first have to remove the elastics and other detachable parts from their braces.
  • Get Cleaning – Your Little Hero will then have to begin brushing by placing his/her toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to reach every spot around the wires and pins of their braces. Be sure your child brushes the top and bottom sides of the wires, and ensure that they work on every corner of their mouth.
  • The Teeth – With braces, each tooth must be individually cleaned by positioning the brush at a 45-degree angle. Gently press on the tooth in circular movements. Keep in mind that each tooth should be cleaned for 10 seconds on their inner and outer surfaces.
  • Super Floss – Super floss is specially designed to help people with braces to properly clean in between their teeth.
  • The Finishing Touch – To prevent any particles from staying in the teeth, encourage your Little Hero to rinse his/her mouth with water or mouthwash after brushing. The last step is to check the teeth and braces in the mirror to make sure they feel and look clean.

We’re Ready for You!

Taking care of braces can be quite a task for your child, but the heroic team of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry is here to help! Our battle stations and super squad are ready to assist your Little Hero through every step of the way. Contact our location in Mission for more information about our pediatric dentistry services today.


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