Little Heroes Going Back To School: 4 Dental Care Tips for a Great Year

The new school year is about to start up and we know that our Little Heroes need to focus on getting As just as much as they have to worry about dastardly Cavity Creep and sneaky Plaki Plak.

That’s why Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry wants to ensure your child is ready to start off the new school year on the right tooth.  According to the American Dental Association, dental exams are just as important as immunizations when getting ready for going back to school.  In fact, the Journal of Public Health published a study that claimed up to 80 hours of school were missed for every 100 students between the ages of 5 and 17 because of dental pain and toothaches.

This also meant that parents missed an average of 2 days of work to take their kids to the dentist. 

Dental issues can lead to difficulty with speaking, eating, playing and learning, plus time away from school.  We want to make sure you Little Heroes teeth are as strong as their study habits.

So here are 4 dental care tips to help defeat those Sugarbugs.

  1. Healthy eating means healthy teeth.

Gingi Gin would love for our Little Heroes to eat nothing, but sugary candies.  These treats increase the level of harmful acids and the risk of cavities.  Instead, think about a tooth healthy diet plan.  Fresh fruits and nuts can help to satisfy that “sweet tooth” while providing a much healthier option.  Also consider including yogurt, raw vegetables, and grains in your child’s daily diet.

If you do decide to offer your kids a treat, it’s best to give it after a meal.  The food eaten before will provide some protection against the sugars.

  1. Even Little Heroes need help.

Even the best superheroes need a little help from time to time.  That’s why it is essential that as a parent, you help to guide them when they brush, floss, and rinse.  Ideally, you’ll help your child until they reach the age of 7, which is when they should be able to handle things on their own. 

They may just need a little reminder every now and then though. Let your Little Heroes know that the only way to defeat those rascally Sugarbugs is by brushing their teeth two times a day for three minutes at a time.  Cell phones are a great tool to use because they can help you keep track of time.

Also, don’t forget about that flossing.  To really get rid of Plaki Plak, kids should learn how to floss by watching you first, and then trying on their own (with a little guidance of course). 

  1. Little Heroes should visit the dentist at least once a year.

As you get ready for the back to school rush, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with us here at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry.  We know how hectic the school year can be, so bringing them in to visit our Sidekicks before the start of the year, you’ll have one less appointment to worry about.  During the visit, Sidekicks will clean your Little Heroes teeth, as well help find and destroy Gingi Gin, Plaki Plak, and Cavity Creep.  This checkup also gives our dentists an opportunity to make sure everything is going well with your Little Hero’s dental growth. 

A visit to our office can also mean fluoride treatments and sealants.  Fluoride treatments help to strengthen teeth and protect them from cavities and tooth decay.  Sealant helps to seal the dips in teeth, stopping Plaki Plak from spreading and causing tooth problems. 

  1. Sometimes accidents happen, so be prepared.

We know your Little Heroes are going to have a great school year, but we also want you to be prepared in case of those emergency situations. 

If your child accidently knocks out their tooth while playing sports or just running around, make sure to immediately pick up the tooth without touching the root.  The most important thing to remember is to keep the tooth moist.

Temporarily placing the tooth back in its socket or in between your child’s cheek and gum while you are headed to the pediatric dentist should keep the tooth wet.  Another option is to pour a small glass of milk and place the tooth in the glass.

If a tooth gets cracked, have your child rinse the mouth with a glass of warm water.  Doing so will help to clean the affected area and remove any debris from the mouth.  Place some ice against the cheek to stop any swelling and call Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry to receive further instruction.  

Good oral health means healthy Little Heroes.  By helping to prevent gum disease and cavities, you’ll be helping to improve their concentration because they won’t be distracted in class by tooth pain, and ultimately this can help lead to better grades.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about them missing school since your Little Hero will be in tip-top shape.

We’re excited to be your pediatric dental care provider and we can’t wait for our Little Heroes to tell us all about the cool things they’re learning in class.  Call us today to set up that appointment.


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