Loose Teeth: Helping Your Little Hero Take it to the Next Level

loose teeth

As you know, losing your first tooth can be both exciting and overwhelming. You’ll feel curiosity as it begins to wiggle around and delight when it finally comes off! While teeth will often fall out on their own, your child may need assistance from the real hero: you. So, what can you do to help your Little Hero through this important rite of passage? Is it better to pull the tooth out or should you encourage your child to do it on their own? Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry has the answers you need.

Wiggle Time

Most dentists will encourage children to deal with their loose teeth on their own. Encourage your Little Hero to explore his/her loose tooth with their tongue or fingers. See how far they can move their tooth around, but if they begin to feel discomfort, it most likely means the tooth needs more time before it falls off. Remember to have your Little Hero brush and floss his/her teeth the way they usually do. The last thing you want is for a ravenous Sugarbug to sneak into an opening.

The Power of Biting

If your child is feeling any pain or discomfort, a good dose of hard or sticky foods can potentially liberate that loose tooth from their mouth. Foods such as popcorn, nuts or toast are a good way to dislodge a tooth. However, if your child is feeling pain or irritation, it’s best to feed them soft foods and administer a bit of oral pain-relief medication.

Out with the Old

Your Little Hero might find that, no matter how hard he/she tries, their tooth just won’t budge. This means it’s time for parental assistance. Remember that your child will be in control of this super operation. Use tissue or a clean gauze to hold the tooth and pull upwards, but if there’s any sort of resistance from your Little Hero or the tooth, it’s better to wait a few days before trying again.

Our Battle Stations are Ready!

A loose tooth can prove to be one of the most action-packed missions your Little Hero can take on! If your Little Hero is in need of more assistance, know that our super sidekicks and caped crusaders are ready to help. We’ll evaluate your child with our battle-ready super tools and assist them through every step of their journey for the brightest and cleanest smile!


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