Some Tips for Saving Your Little Hero’s Lost Permanent Tooth

tooth loss in childrenA child’s life can be full of action-packed games and activities. However, for all of the fun they can have, these activities can sometimes make way for injuries, such as a knocked out permanent tooth.

Permanent teeth have a good chance of being saved if they’re replaced within 15 minutes after becoming dislodged. This means it’s important to act fast and follow the Little Hero’s Pediatric Dentistry guideline to help your child keep his/her smile intact.

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Act Fast!

A knocked-out permanent tooth can send everyone straight into panic mode. While this is justified, it’s highly important for you to keep calm and take control of the situation. Your composure is needed to complete the following steps:

  • Contact your dentist or emergency room as soon as the tooth is found.
  • Hold the tooth by the crown (never the root) and put it in a balanced salt solution if available. You can also place the tooth in a container filled with milk, your child’s saliva or between your lower lip and gum. Remember, never store the tooth in water.
  • If your Little Hero is older, attempt to place the tooth back into the cavity while keeping the root intact. If successful, have your Little Hero bite down on gauze to keep the tooth in place.
  • If you’re unable to replace the tooth, keep it stored in the container and have him/her bite on gauze to relieve pain and stop the bleeding.

Once you’ve followed these steps, your Little Hero will need fast medical attention with a dentist or emergency room.

Little Heroes is Here to Help!

Accidents can happen when you least expect them, but we know your brave and courageous Little Hero will take on the mission to protect his/her smile head-on! The power chambers and energy pods at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry are ready to equip your child with the necessary tools to succeed in the battle for a healthier and shinier smile. Visit our location in Mission for more information today!


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