Start Early: Tips to Help Your Little Hero’s Oral Hygiene

Every Little Hero needs to strengthen and power up at a young age. The fight against Plaki Plak, Gingi Gin and Cavity Creep is action-packed. With your help, the little heroes in your family can take the proper precautions and start protecting their teeth at a very young age. To help your Little Hero in their mission against the dreaded sugarbugs, our heroic team has gathered every bit of information you’ll need.

Starting Off Young

Your child can benefit from a dental visit by his or her first birthday. A pediatric dentist from the Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry team can provide the advice you’ll need to equip your little hero with great oral health. With our interactive environment and superhero-theme, your Little Hero can turn oral hygiene into fun adventures.

Prepare Them with Good Brushing Habits

Implementing a brushing regimen for your baby before their baby teeth appear is top priority. Brush your baby’s teeth with a baby’s toothbrush or a wet washcloth to teach them the fundamentals of brushing and flossing. Avoid food and sweetened drinks before bedtime.

Prevent Early Childhood Caries (A.K.A. Baby Bottle Decay)

Sugary liquids can increase your baby’s chances of tooth decay. To prevent this, avoid putting your baby to sleep with a bottle of juice, milk or formula. If you must use a bottle, replace any sugary liquids with water.

Limit the Sippy Cup

You can use a sippy cup to help your little one move from a bottle to a regular cup. However, letting them use it all day can have negative side effects on their teeth. Prolonged use of a sippy cup can damage the rear part of the front teeth, so use it sparingly.

Take a Stand for Hygiene

Your Little Hero may try to use superhero moves to get away or even kick and scream when brushing and flossing time arrives. You must be strong and encourage them through these times. Always remember to be patient and don’t wait until bedtime to clean their teeth. Let them choose their toothbrush and toothpaste to help motivate and encourage them. You can also try using award charts or other fun options.

Become a Little Hero

Your Little Hero needs your help in the fight against the sugarbugs. Our team of awesome sidekicks has the super tools your child can use to win the battle against the Sugarbugs that can harm teeth. For information about our dental services, contact Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry today.


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