Teaching Your Little Hero to Brush the Right Way

brushing the right wayA toothbrush can be the strongest super weapon in your Little Hero’s arsenal and knowing how to use it properly is imperative for a brighter smile.

Help your Little Hero show the ravenous Sugarbugs who’s boss! Teach your child the proper ways to use his/her toothbrush and help them fight off the impurities that can wreak havoc on their young teeth.

First Things First

Toothbrushes can come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, but there is such a thing as choosing the “right” one. Your Little Hero’s toothbrush should have soft bristles to prevent any damage to the delicate gum tissue.

Your Little Hero’s mouth is small, so picking a perfectly-sized toothbrush – three to four rows of bristles – and a rounded tip to reach difficult spaces is highly important. Always remember to replace your Little Hero’s toothbrush every three months to avoid the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Follow the Right Steps

The first defense in the battle against the pesky Sugarbugs is a proper cleaning with an adequate toothbrush. Encourage your Little Hero to start brushing properly at a young age by following these simple steps:

  • Brushing should take no less than two minutes at least twice a day
  • Organize your brushing by working from one side of the mouth to the other without leaving any spots unclean
  • Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste
  • Be gentle when brushing and don’t put too much pressure on your teeth
  • Don’t rinse your mouth out with water. Leaving the toothpaste’s fluoride in your mouth will allow it to do its job for longer periods

Keep Up the Fight!

At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we know how much your child’s smile means to you and we’re ready to do everything possible to keep it bright and healthy. Our super tools and power chambers are charged and ready to assist your Little Hero through the journey for optimum oral health! Get in touch with our location in Mission for more information about our extensive dental services!


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