The Nose Pinch: Why Does Your Little Hero Have Bad Breath?

bad-breathChances are you’ve opened your mouth to find your breath is not as fresh and minty as you’d hoped. While you may be thinking bad breath is only a problem for grownups, the truth is even the healthiest of Little Heroes can exhibit a stinky mouth. So, what causes bad breath in your child, and more importantly, how can you avoid it? The super sidekicks at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry have scoured the galaxy to find the answers you’ve been looking for!

Smelly Woes

There are several villainous enemies that can sneakily cause bad breath in your Little Hero’s mouth. The first and most important thing to consider is the fact that a heroic and powerful oral hygiene plan can be the first line of defense against bad breath. Some of the most common causes of bad breath include:

  • Improper oral hygiene – If proper brushing and flossing isn’t part of a Little Hero’s daily oral hygiene, bad breath could sneak in at any time!
  • Dry mouth – Saliva can be one of your Little Hero’s biggest allies as it helps cleanse the mouth. However, less saliva than normal could potentially give way to bad breath.
  • Mouth breathing – A stuffy nose or sleeping habit can often cause a Little Hero to breathe from his/her mouth. This, in turn, can prevent saliva from washing away smell-causing bacteria.
  • Impurities – Poor brushing and flossing habits can invite the Cavity Creep, Plaki Plak and Gingy Gin, who are notorious supporters of bad breath.
  • Certain foods – If foods with strong odors such as onions, garlic and spices are your Little Hero’s favorite, don’t be surprised if they exhibit temporary bad breath.
  • Tongue bacteria – Bad breath is regularly caused by bacteria harbored on the tongue. To fight this enemy, encourage your Little Hero to brush his/her tongue on a daily basis.

Take Evasive Action!

Bad breath can be embarrassing and yucky, but don’t worry, Little Hero. Our heroic team is here to help! Fight bad breath with amazing oral hygiene and the support of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry’s team. Our power chambers are ready, so visit us in Mission to begin your journey toward a brighter and cleaner smile.


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