Tips to Keep Your Little Hero’s Smile Healthy During Halloween

The time of scary ghouls and frightening witches is upon us and soon, our Little Heroes will take to the night on the hunt for tasty candies and treats. There’s no denying that Halloween is all fun and games for the entire family, but we must tread carefully. The greedy Sugarbugs never take a break from wreaking havoc on your Little Hero’s teeth. Follow our simple Halloween tips to keep your Little Hero’s smile bright and healthy during these spooky times.

Get it Sorted

Check your Little Hero’s candy bag to make sure no questionable items have snuck their way in and begin the sorting process. It’s important for your child to avoid hard, sour or chewy candies. With their high acidic content and their ability to cling onto teeth, these candies are perfect for the ravenous Gingi Gin. Don’t let the Sugarbugs weaken your child’s teeth and encourage them to make healthier snack choices year-round.

Set a Limit

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some quality candy, but it’s important to eat responsibly. Let your Little Hero choose about 15 treats for the week and do away with the rest. Additionally, encourage your child to drink plenty of water to help prevent tooth decay from any leftover sugars. Most importantly, avoid letting him/her consume all of those candies in one sitting.

Get Your Brush On

We all know it’s important to brush your teeth regularly during the day, but your Little Hero should follow up his or her candy consumption with a thorough brushing session. Let your child pick his Sugarbug-fighting weapon for the battle against tooth decay.

Your Oral Care Headquarters

The action-packed battle against those pesky Sugarbugs is best fought with a team of Super Sidekicks by your Little Hero’s side. Come to the oral health headquarters of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry and let our team equip you with the weapons needed to be victorious. Our power chambers and super tools are charged and ready to safeguard your Little Hero’s perfect smile!


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