Toddler Teeth Tussle: Taming a Fussy Little Hero

Does getting your toddler to brush his teeth seems like a daily uphill battle that requires new and creative battle plans? You know the importance of daily brushing and counter each moment of defiance with new resolve. Thankfully, taming your little hero and his resistance to brushing takes just a dash of ingenuity and dab of patience with these fun tips.

Accessorize tooth-brushing. 

If your little one’s is obsessed with Captan America, The Hulk, or another movie or TV show character, opt for a fun-themed toothbrush. Some brushes are even designed to time how long your child should brush his teeth by flashing colorful lights or playing music. Let him pick his “weapon” and prepare for battle! 

Empower them.

If your little hero is already super independent and adventurous, let him have a go at battling Sugarbugs on his own. Pass on the responsibility by letting your hero know that you know he’s up to the task, he can win the battle and be rewarded with healthy, strong teeth. He’ll be empowered with this new responsibility and will brush his teeth to the best of his abilities every day. 

Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, Made to Empower Little Heroes

Our unique take on pediatric dentistry aims at empowering the hero in every child. We’ve defined a common enemy – the Sugarbugs – and encourage every child to join us in the battle against the ones who bring havoc to our dental health. Schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Laredo, Mission, or San Juan to find out how your little hero can participate and enjoy healthy gums and teeth.

Build up the hype.

Use positive reinforcement and a perky tone of voice to get him smiling and feeling excited about brushing his teeth. When your toddler notices your happiness for this daily routine, he’ll want to feel the same.

Monkey see, monkey do.

All little heroes have big heroes of their own. Besides Captain America, you’re the big hero in his life, and he’ll want to be and do just like you. Brush your teeth alongside your child to show him that all heroes brush their teeth at least twice a day. He’ll want to do the same.

Make it a routine.

Some days, it seems like no trick in the book will convince a toddler to brush their teeth. You’re only option at this point is to simply get on with it, flaying arms and all. Once your child gets used to daily activities, brushing his teeth seems like less and less of an annoyance. Just begin establishing this routine early on. Remember, your little hero and you benefit most from at least two brushing sessions per day.

Tooth brushing sing-a-long.

Whether you sing a song or play a song, music during a brushing session will make two minutes seem like five seconds for your little one. He’ll also begin look forward to the task. Add a happy dance and he’ll want to brush all day.

Cavity Creep’s Favorite Foods

Toddler’s love sugary treats, and Sugarbugs are no different. You can help arm your little hero with the best defense strategy by monitoring or limiting the foods that Sugarbugs feed on. Hard candies, sugary juices, dried fruits, and peanut butter and jelly are just some of the foods to watch out for. High-starch foods are also a major Sugarbug attraction. Overconsumption of breads, pasta, and crackers can lead to the development of dental carries at an early age. Make sure your toddler brushes or at least rinses his mouth after eating sugar or starchy foods. You may also want to avoid putting your little one to bed with a bottle of milk or juice sugar remnants will stay on his teeth throughout the night.

The Fight against Sugarbugs

Regular brushing and a balanced diet are the best defenses against Sugarbugs. You can keep your little one motivated by reminding him that pesky Sugarbugs can never win if he brushes his teeth at least twice a day. Schedule an appointment at one of our Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry locations so your little hero and you can meet the team leading the battle against the pesky Sugarbugs. Call our offices in Laredo at 956-568-6690, Mission at 956-581-4403, or San Juan at 956-223-4428.


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