Treating Your Kid’s Cavities

Children get into all sorts of trouble as they explore the wonders of the world. Part of growing up is making mistakes and learning to avoid problems in the future. Every parent wants their child to grow up having a healthy smile but cavities are one issue that many of us are forced to deal with early on. Cavities are a growing problem among preschoolers and can lead to serious medical conditions that may require surgery to correct. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, it is important that your child establishes a regular brushing and flossing routine to prevent tooth decay.

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If you suspect your child has a cavity or is experiencing pain in their teeth, you should contact Little Heroes Dentistry today. We are your trusted Rio Grande Valley family dentistry practice that has made it our mission to help children achieve brighter smiles. Our compassionate and professional staff understand that children can be intimidated by seeing the dentist and so we do our best to make the experience fun and enjoyable.

We treat every Little Hero with care and we can help your child fight the Sugar Bugs to prevent cavities.

Why You Need to Take Care of Your Child’s Cavities

Some parents mistakenly believe that cavities in baby teeth don’t need to be addressed because they will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth. The problem is that tooth decay causes cavities and they develop when the child doesn’t have a healthy routine to clean their mouths. Cavities can lead to infections, and if your child’s cavities aren’t filled, it can have long-lasting detrimental effects including:

  • Your child’s baby teeth won’t be completely replaced until they reach about 12 to 13 and that can mean dealing with painful cavities for several years.
  • Cavities in baby teeth create sensitive spots that can cause misery when your child eats certain foods, and in some instances, it can affect their nutrient intake.
  • Baby teeth are also needed to form proper speaking habits.
  • If left unattended, losing baby teeth early can cause the permanent teeth to grow incorrectly, eventually leading your child to need braces to correct the damage.

Finding a family dentist that can encourage your child to build strong brushing and flossing habits is a great way to ensure that they mature into healthy young adults.

How to Prevent Cavities in Baby Teeth

Bacteria live in every mouth. Our teeth, gums, and tongue are home to hundreds of different types of bacteria and many of them play an important role in breaking down food for digestion. However, some bacteria are responsible for tooth decay. Sugar is the primary food source for these types of bacteria, and as they grow in numbers, they produce acid byproducts that create plaque and destroy enamel.

Eventually, the teeth start to decay and cavities form. Children regularly brushing their teeth and flossing every day is an important step to removing bad bacteria from the mouth and stopping cavities from damaging teeth.

Seeing the dentist at least once a year for regular check-ups is another great way to prevent plaque from building up and evolving into cavities. It doesn’t take very long to clean teeth but it is incredibly effective at reducing tooth decay. Dentists now have the technology to protect young molars that are important for chewing with protective sealants that can help protect teeth from becoming infected. Although it is not a replacement for good oral hygiene, having an extra layer of protection can give your child’s teeth a boost at fighting cavities. Using toothpaste that contains fluoride reinforces the enamel on the teeth and is a powerful chemical that prevents tooth decay.

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Let Little Heroes help you handle those cavities.

Children have vivid imaginations, and when their creative minds are inspired to see daily habits from a different perspective, the results can be powerfully motivating.

Little Heroes Dentistry has developed a way for our patients to recognize the daily routine of brushing and flossing as something bold and exciting. We tell every child that comes to our office that they are Little Heroes, and we believe they have what it takes to fight off the Sugar Bugs to prevent cavities. Our goal is to turn tedious hygiene habits into a fun adventure, so your child learns to love brushing and flossing every day.

Schedule an appointment with our family dentistry at one of our offices in Laredo, Mission, San Juan, Pharr, or Edinburg.


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