Trip Tips: Packing Your Child’s Oral Hygiene Bag

oral hygiene travel tipsSchool can leave your Little Hero tired and ready for a much-deserved vacation. Whether he/she will be taking a trip with the family or go off on their own vacation, it’s highly important to pack the right things to keep those pearly whites bright and healthy. At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we know those nagging Sugarbugs never stop and your child’s quest for optimum oral health shouldn’t either.

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Travel Size It!

Packing light is a no-brainer, but this doesn’t mean your Little Hero’s super weapons should be left out! If your family or Little Hero will be travelling by plane, remember that containers must be less than 3 oz. Travel-sized toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash will do the trick.

Floss Picks Are a Must!

Trips usually leave your Little Hero with very little time to maintain perfect oral hygiene. However, even when the day gets too busy, a floss pick can be the perfect super tool to fight impurities on the go. Encourage your Little Hero to use his/her floss pick after every meal or snack to ensure that the dreaded Sugarbugs stay at bay.

Water Matters!

Water can be the perfect way for your Little Hero to quench his/her thirst while washing away food particles that can breed harmful bacteria. The problem is that, with all the vacation action, water is often forgotten. Remind your child to carry a water bottle at all times. Many bottles come with clips that easily fasten to a backpack or belt loop!

The Action Never Stops!

Whether at home or far away, the fight for the best oral hygiene never stops! Your Little Hero should be fully equipped to take on harmful bacteria and impurities at all times! At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we’re ready to help your child through the journey for a bright and healthy smile. Our caped crusaders and super chambers are ready to help!


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