Turn That Frown Upside Down: How Professional Teeth Whitening Can Bring Back Your Smile

At Little Heroes Dentistry, we know how important you smile is. Your smile is one of the first things that gets noticed, and the truth is, it can have a direct subconscious and visual impact on the people you meet. So if you’ve been a little less willing recently to showcase those pearly whites, then consider consulting our dentists here at Little Heroes Dentistry to learn which whitening treatment is best for you.    

Because not only can teeth whitening help to convey happiness, warmth, and youthful vitality, it’s also one of the most economical ways to help improve your smile.

But before you take our word for it, read what the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry discovered in a recent survey:

  • 7% of adults believe a smile is an important social asset.
  • Nearly three-quarters (74%) of adults felt that an unsightly smile could hurt chances for career success.
  • When asked what they would improve about their smile, most answered, whiter and brighter teeth.

Generally speaking, as we age, our adult teeth naturally become darker. There are a number of reasons this happens, from genetics, to antibiotics, and even eating certain foods.

Extrinsic discoloration is when our outer tooth enamel is stained because of certain lifestyle choices. This discoloration is primarily caused by drinks (such as coffee and soda), or foods with tannins, and can also take place because of smoking. Internal discoloration takes place because of changes in the tooth’s enamel and dentin. The main causes of this form are primarily due to exposure to high levels of fluoride, tetracycline, developmental disorders, tooth decay, restorations, root canal issues, and trauma.   

If you feel like you’ve been affected by any of these forms of discoloration or staining, then consider tooth whitening in a dental office like Little Heroes Dentistry. Our team of Sidekicks is specially trained to handle issues that may arise from whitening treatments, such as tooth sensitivity, and will make sure to protect your gums and rest of your mouth from any treatment agents.    

Now, if you’re considering between in-home teeth whitening kits, and professional services to get that lustrous smile back, then take a gander at these four reasons to make Little Heroes Dentistry the go-to place for your dental needs.

  1. We’re faster than a speeding train.

Because of our highly trained Sidekicks, our professional team can utilize a procedure that includes stronger whitening agents, which means your teeth can brighten up in just one visit (and just one hour), in comparison to in-home teeth whitening kits that can take a minimum of 2-4 weeks before you can see a difference in the color of your teeth.

Don’t waste the money to start a teeth whitening treatment at home, only to stop a few weeks later, short of your goal. With our professional services at Little Heroes Dentistry see the results you deserve in just one short visit.

  1. Super strength whiteners.

Considering that dentists have access to professional strength whiteners (or super strength as we like to call it), these higher-grade agents will give you a bigger bang for your buck. For example, the hydrogen peroxide you get at a local pharmacy is only 3% strength, while the peroxide at the Little Heroes’ offices can be up to 35% strength.

These powerful products mean we can save you time and effort.

  1. There’s not a Sugarbug (or stain) that can escape our Sidekicks.

Darker stains and blemishes require much more thorough treatment. Unfortunately, regular home treatment kits can only do so much and are hardly strong enough to handle more severe cases. But there’s no need to give up on having beautiful pearly whites. Our Little Heroes offices contain the most-up-to-date technology to help remove those blemishes in no time flat.

Visit any of our three offices today to see what option is best for you. That whiter smile is just around the corner.

  1. Sidekicks that keep your mouth safer.

A major issue that many people come across when using home kits is pain and tooth sensitivity. This is usually caused by the bleaching agents being applied incorrectly, coming into contact with sensitive parts of the mouth (like the tongue or gums), or because the treatment was left in the mouth for too long.

Avoid hurting yourself by having our professional Sidekicks help to keep your mouth safer. With our expert knowledge, equipment, and know-how, you won’t have to worry about pain or discomfort.

If you’re ready for some newly whitened teeth, then give Little Heroes Dentistry a call to our Laredo, Mission, or San Juan office.

We can’t wait to see that smile!


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