What Can be Done if My Baby Gets a Cavity?

Baby_Cavity_Little_HeroesWhile your baby’s teeth are temporary, they’re extremely important for the development of his/her permanent teeth. It might be easy to think that baby teeth needn’t be fixed if they’re going to fall off anyway. However, we know that as a parent, and real hero, you’ll do everything to keep your baby’s smile bright and healthy. So, what can you do if the Sugarbugs wreak havoc on your baby’s teeth and cause cavities? The caped crusaders of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry have the answers you need.

Fight the Sugarbugs!

Sugary foods such as candies and juices can often create cavities if proper care isn’t taken. If your Little Hero develops a cavity, his/her teeth can begin to decay (sometimes at a fast rate) with the cavity becoming bigger and deeper. If the tooth is on the verge of falling out, it can be left alone. However, if our super sidekicks evaluate it and determine that it won’t be falling out for some time, fast action will occur.

If your Little Hero’s cavity is small or medium-sized, it can generally be filled with white filling. If the cavity is large and deep, your child may benefit from a crown to cover the entire tooth. This will help protect and keep its shape. Helping your Little Hero fight against these villainous troubles can be the best way to avoid toothaches, infections and complex dental work.

Take Action!

At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we know how important your child’s baby teeth are in their development. Let’s help your Little Hero take a stand for optimal oral health with the most effective gear and weapons our super sidekicks have to offer! Bring your Little Hero to our location in Mission to take the first step toward obtaining healthier smile.


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