What Causes Your Little Hero’s Teeth to Turn Yellow?

A Little Hero’s white and bright smile can make any parent glow with happiness. However, sometimes their teeth can show signs of yellowing. Why does this happen and what can you do to prevent it? Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry knows your child’s smile means the world to you. Our Caped Crusaders are ready to help you understand the causes of yellow teeth and the different ways of prevention.

Tooth Staining Due to Food and Drink

Foods and drinks such as blueberries, cherries and sodas can be a delicious treat for your kids, but they are highly pigmented and can cause your Little Hero’s teeth to stain and yellow. Of course, yellowing is often determined by factors such as:

  • How often your child consumes these foods
  • If the enamel in your child’s teeth was forming when they began eating these treats

You, the real hero, can help your little ones fight against these nagging yellow stains by encouraging them to rinse with water or wash their teeth after they consume highly pigmented foods.

Poor Dental Hygiene

As a parent, your kids will follow your every move. Encourage and teach them to follow a proper dental hygiene routine. Failing to maintain a solid brushing and flossing regimen can potentially make your Little Hero an easy target for those sly yellow stains. Lead by example and make your Little Hero’s dental hygiene an action-packed but rewarding adventure.

The Effects of Tooth Trauma

Yellow staining can often occur as a result of damage to the nerves inside or near your Little Hero’s teeth. In most cases, yellow stains will only develop on the tooth that the damaged nerve is attached to. The Caped Crusaders of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry have their super tools and power chambers ready and waiting for action to help your Little Hero fight off those devious yellow stains!

Your Headquarters for Great Dental Health

There’s nothing quite like a bright and white smile radiating from your Little Hero’s face. Make your way to our headquarters and let your child be a part of the mission for amazing dental health at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry. Our daring team of Caped Crusaders and Sidekicks are ready to support your Little Hero through this exciting adventure!


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