What You Should Know About Your Dental Health

Dental Health

At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, the only thing our Sidekicks care about is defeating Sugarbugs, and helping you take care of your oral health and hygiene.

Sure it can be scary visiting the dentist. A lot of people still believe check-ups are going to end with drills and lots of pain, but that’s definitely not the case at Little Heroes Dentistry.

Our dentists and Sidekicks only want what’s best for your pearly whites, so we want to offer you the best tips on brushing and taking care of your oral hygiene. And make sure when you visit our offices in Laredo, San Juan, or Mission, you’re not afraid to ask questions. Our Sidekicks are more than happy to share their cavity fighting secrets.

Bleeding Gums Can Mean Big Problems

This telltale sign has really been emphasized in recent years. That’s because gum problems are a leading cause of tooth loss. Even though a bit of bleeding in the gums might seem more so like a minor inconvenience or accident from brushing your teeth too harshly, it could actually be a symptom of chronic gingivitis, inflammation of the gum tissue, or another underlying oral hygiene issue.

Left untreated, bleeding gums can eventually mean that the skin inside your mouth will get excruciatingly tender. This can make it difficult to eat certain types of foods and may cause your teeth to start to deteriorate. However, the issue can usually be fixed within a couple of weeks and with some solid oral care. Do not ignore this warning sign.       

Teeth Tell Us About Your Health

The truth of the matter is that the condition of your teeth can tell a lot about the rest of your physical health. Dentists (and doctors) are able to tell a remarkable amount about your overall health with just a simple routine examination, which means those regular dentist appointments are essential.

A trip to the dentist can mean identifying serious ailments quicker and finding a resolution faster. In fact individuals with chronic health problems are more susceptible, and thus in need of, frequent dental care. For example, studies have shown that diabetics are unfortunately three times more likely to develop periodontal disease. However, a good oral health routine will help to monitor these risks and inhibit any other potential problems.       

Put Away the Fruit Juice

So this one is a bit of a toughie. We all know that eating fruit is good for us and can help us to keep our immune system nice and strong. However, their juices can have a negative effect on tooth enamel.

If you are a big fan of fruit juice, then consider saving it for meal times. Then, wait about a half an hour after eating and drinking to brush your teeth. This can be a challenging ordeal, but it’s better this way to keep your chompers nice, white, and healthy. 

Don’t Brush So Aggressively

Did you know that the vast majority of people actually brush their teeth too roughly? This tends to occur because our minds usually wonder while we perform this task, so we don’t necessarily feel the additional pressure. This can also happen when brushing very quickly, but remember, brushing really hard doesn’t make up for brushing too fast.

Unfortunately, brushing too aggressively can lead to bleeding gums, receding skin around the teeth, and pain associated with tenderness around the surrounding tissue. Instead of rushing through the process, take a little bit more time and treat your teeth tenderly. You’ll end up with stronger pearly whites and a healthier outer surface.

Medication Can Affect Your Mouth

Because your mouth is such a delicate environment, it’s quite easy for a number of factors to change its interior environment. One of the most common is prescription medication. You should talk to your doctor about the expected effects on your dental health. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to deal with unexpected issues. It’s also a smart idea to notify your dentist about any prescription drugs you may be taking at the time to so that they can be taken into consideration when planning for future treatments or oral health routines.

One of the most common issues while taking prescription drugs is dry mouth. Though this can be a fairly minor problem, not dealing with it appropriately can weaken your teeth and leave them susceptible to cavities. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day to help avoid this problem.    

You Could Be Allergic to Your Toothpaste

This may not be a very well known fact, but toothpaste allergies and sensitivities exist. These can be quite difficult to spot because they happen to take place inside the mouth, but the most obvious symptom is minor burns to the inside of your cheeks.

This peeling inside the surface of the mouth is known as mucosal sloughing, and though it rarely ever causes an uncomfortable amount of pain, it nevertheless means that your body is rejecting the chemicals in the toothpaste. Simply pick up a different brand to avoid this oral health issue.

Hormones Can Affect Your Gums

Hormones heavily affect the body, especially for women. So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that they can also influence oral and gum health. When hormones soar, the risk of bleeding gums rises, but it shouldn’t cause much worry as long as the bleeding is not chronic. For pregnant women, the problem may last a bit longer, so make sure you visit your dental professional if you continue to have this problem throughout the pregnancy.

Little Heroes – Keeping Your Teeth Beautiful and Healthy

At Little Heroes Dentistry, our caring Sidekicks and dentists understand that it is their responsibility to treat you with the utmost respect and sensitivity due. In fact, they love to help Little Heroes, and adults, conquer their fears and take the little steps necessary to get their dental health back on track. Regardless of age, whether a tiny tot or an experienced Sugarbug fighter, Little Heroes Dentistry can give you the right information, answer any questions, provide the best services, and help protect your smile. With Little Heroes Dentistry it’s never too late to start taking care of your teeth.

Contact our Laredo, Mission, or San Juan office to find out how we can get rid of those Sugarbugs once and for all.


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