What’s the Reason Behind My Little Hero’s Bleeding Gums?

A child’s bright and healthy smile is one of the greatest sights a parent can see. However, sometimes their young set of teeth can cause concern when they’re coupled with bleeding gums. If your Little Hero has recently experienced this issue, know that the caped crusaders at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry are ready to help your little one take evasive action! We’ll supply you, the real hero, with the information needed to guide your child to oral health victory!

Know the Causes

Perhaps the most common cause of bleeding gums is the dreaded Plaki Plak! This ravenous member of the Sugarbugs comes to life when it feeds on the sugars from sweet and starchy foods. When this happens, Plaki Plak can cause decay, tartar buildup and inflamed gums that often bleed when brushed.

Bleeding gums can additionally occur as a result of a dry mouth. If your Little Hero is suffering from allergies or a cold, they’ll likely be breathing from their mouth, which can subsequently cause dryness. In many other cases, bleeding gums can happen when brushing too aggressively or when moving on to a more advanced brushing and flossing routine.

Brush the Problem Away!

A proper brushing and flossing routine, along with a healthy diet, can often be the first and most effective way to fight off Plaki Plak and bleeding gums! Encourage your child to give it their all when brushing and establish a fun and tasty diet to come out victorious!

The battle for optimum oral health can come with many surprises, but with the right team by your Little Hero’s side, everything is possible. If you’ve noticed any issues with your child’s smile, are looking to schedule a dental appointment or have any questions regarding our heroic missions, give us a call in Mission today!


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