Why Are My Little Hero’s Permanent Teeth Growing Out Yellow?

little-heroAs a parent, and the true hero in the battle for a beautiful smile, it’s normal to worry when something about your Little Hero’s teeth seems…off. One of the most common concerns parents express has to do with the yellowish color of their child’s sprouting permanent teeth, especially when compared to their milky white baby teeth. While understandably worrisome, the reason behind this is usually no cause for concern at all!

If you’re a parent and have any questions about your little one’s smile, we’re here to help!

An Optical Illusion

The truth is, in most cases, the yellow color of your Little Hero’s permanent teeth is perfectly normal! You see, the composition of permanent teeth and baby teeth is entirely different. While both types have an outer shell made of enamel and an inner shell composed of yellow dentin, the ratio of enamel to dentin is much higher in baby teeth! This means these temporary sets of adorable teeth will always appear to be whiter than their permanent counterparts.

It’s natural for you to worry about the color of your Little Hero’s teeth when comparing them, but as soon as all of their permanent teeth have appeared, give them another look. We’re certain they’ll look normal and healthy! However, it’s important to understand that yellow teeth can occur as a result of poor oral hygiene.

To avoid this problem, encourage your Little Hero to set his/her action-packed oral hygiene mission in motion! This will ensure the ravenous Sugarbugs are defeated and kept away from your Little Hero’s beautiful smile.

Let the Mission Begin!

A bright and shiny set of perfect teeth is a Little Hero’s badge of courage and honor. They should wear them proudly! Don’t forget, the heroic team at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry is fully equipped to help your child on the mission to optimum oral health.

If you have any questions about our super services or need more information on amazing oral hygiene, contact our battle station in Mission today.


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