Your Little Hero’s First Dentist Visit

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The rule of thumb is to visit a dentist within six months after your baby’s first tooth erupts. Click To Tweet 

Taking your child to the dentist early on can help prevent manifestations of tooth decay and help you establish good hygiene practices to properly care for your baby’s oral health. Because tooth decay can happen as soon as your baby starts teething, it is important to know about proper care, optimal dietary intake related to sugars and fluoride, and recognizing any abnormal developments. Introducing a baby to the environment of a dentist office will also help them acclimate early on and reduce the stress and anxiety that are often related to dentist visits.

Picking a Dentist for Your Little One

Finding a dentist that you and your child will feel comfortable with should be your first step after your baby’s teeth start showing up. Luckily, the field of pediatric dentistry has been growing steadily in recent years. If you cannot find a pediatric dentist in your area, call various offices and ask at what age they recommend children be seen for their first visit. This should give you an idea of their experience with infants. Most should suggest at around 6 months to one year of age or when their first tooth appears. To find a good pediatric dentist in your area, try asking your family dentist for a recommendation or visit the website for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to find one near you.

Pediatric Dentistry in the Rio Grande Valley

In the Rio Grande Valley, we have access to a plethora of pediatric dentists, but few provide the unique perspective that you and your child can experience at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry. We have locations in Laredo, Mission, and San Juan, so we are never too far off from home. Our staff and qualified team of doctors understand that dentist visits can be difficult for children, so we focus on empowering our little ones with the promise of adventure. Bring your little hero in to help us battle the Sugarbugs that wreak havoc on our dental health. To find out more about our fun adventures into the world of dental hygiene and health, contact us today and request an appointment.

Prepping for the First Visit

Many dental problems can be avoided if they are detected and treated early on. The initial dentist visit should be focused on learning about your child’s oral health and how to maintain it. You can prepare by considering what you would like to know about pediatric dental hygiene. A good pediatric dentist will answer all your questions and start building a relationship during your little hero’s first visit. Click To Tweet That’s why it is crucial to find a dentist that you and your child can trust. The dentist and office that you pick should be gentle in caring for your child, knowledgeable about pediatric dentistry, and responsive to your and your child’s needs.

If you have a few little heroes at home, it is best to make dentist appointments separately. Each child should receive individualized attention from their dentist and from you. They will feel more comfortable, and you will feel less distracted in asking the dentist important questions about your child’s dental health. You may expect your child to be fussy and scared throughout the visit, but most infants feel excited and accepting about the new experience. To make your little hero feel at ease in the new environment, prepare a bag with his or her favorite toy and a snack.

What to Expect During the First Visit

As mentioned above, building rapport with the dentist and filing your little one’s dental records are the bulk of your baby’s first visit. You will want to have necessary documentation on hand to initiate the dental and medical records with the office. During the consultation, your dentist will review your baby’s oral health including:

  • Teething
  • Developing bite
  • Gums and cheeks
  • Oral habits (sucking or grinding)

Your dental hygienist will also inquire about your little hero’s diet and fluoride intake to have some insight on risk for dental caries. Family history is a major factor in determining his or her risk for other oral health issues, such as gingivitis, so make sure to be open and thorough about any relevant medical conditions.

Things to Consider

The most important things to cover during the first visit should be based on caring for your child’s teeth. Your dentist should show you how to clean your little one’s teeth and what type of routines or habits to build. Take a few minutes to practice cleaning your baby’s teeth in front of the dentist to allow for any corrections. The dentist should also cover topics about home care like dietary sugars that may increase the likelihood of cavities as well as fluoride intake through the use of toothpaste.

Knowing what to expect in the months after your baby’s first dentist visit is essential in maintaining good oral health. Click To Tweet

Make sure you know how to recognize any abnormal developments, particularly if the dentist feels your baby is susceptible to cavities. Finally, discuss scheduling follow-up care based on your child’s current oral health and needs.

Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry

Our services are catered to meet the needs of growing little heroes. From their first visit through adolescence and beyond, we focus on providing comprehensive treatment options from routine dental care to outpatient hospital services. With our unique take on dentistry, we help our little heroes feel empowered with their dental health in fighting Sugarbugs like Plaki Plak and Cavity Creep. Schedule an appointment today at a location near you.


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