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Halloween Tips for Your Little Hero’s Safety

The countdown is on and soon your streets will be crowded with zombies, villains and Sugarbugs. Halloween is a night full of fun for the young and old. Advanced precautions will help keep your Little Hero safe. Let the excitement and candy flow this Halloween night and follow our... Read more

Tips to Keep Your Little Hero’s Smile Healthy During Halloween

The time of scary ghouls and frightening witches is upon us and soon, our Little Heroes will take to the night on the hunt for tasty candies and treats. There’s no denying that Halloween is all fun and games for the entire family, but we must tread carefully. The... Read more

Spotting the Difference: General Dentists vs. Pediatric Dentists

Every parent, like the true hero they are, will do everything to put a bright and healthy smile on their Little Hero’s face. Choosing the right dentist, however, can be a bit of a challenge. Should your child’s first visit be to a general or pediatric dentist? More importantly,... Read more

Healthy Snacking for the School Year

The new school year has approached at lightning-fast speed and the time to gear up has begun. While school supplies and clothes have rapidly piled into shopping carts, don’t let the need for healthy snacks to compliment your child’s lunch slip your mind. Healthy snacking and your parental guidance... Read more

Heroic Tips to Fight Off the Cavity Creep

The world of hygiene can be full of ugly villains and Cavity Creep is one of the ugliest. This nasty member of the Sugarbugs can put a damper on your Little Hero’s smile, but the heroic team at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry knows just how to put an end... Read more