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Little Hero Tips: Brushing with Braces On

Braces can be your Little Hero’s best line of defense when fighting for a better smile! While the braces put in the effort to straighten and strengthen your Little Hero’s teeth, it’s his/her job to keep them extremely clean. Improper cleaning can intensify the effects of the evil Sugarbugs,... Read more

Some Tips for Saving Your Little Hero’s Lost Permanent Tooth

A child’s life can be full of action-packed games and activities. However, for all of the fun they can have, these activities can sometimes make way for injuries, such as a knocked out permanent tooth. Permanent teeth have a good chance of being saved if they’re replaced within 15... Read more

Teaching Your Little Hero to Brush the Right Way

A toothbrush can be the strongest super weapon in your Little Hero’s arsenal and knowing how to use it properly is imperative for a brighter smile. Help your Little Hero show the ravenous Sugarbugs who’s boss! Teach your child the proper ways to use his/her toothbrush and help them... Read more