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Candy: How Bad Can it Really Be?

A delectable candy bar can be an extremely hard treat to resist, especially when you’re an adventurous Little Hero. Chances are you, the real hero, experienced your fair share of candy-filled days in your childhood, too! However, while no one can deny the deliciousness of candy, the truth is... Read more

Simple Tips to Relieve Your Baby’s Teething Woes

Witnessing your baby’s first tooth can be an extremely joyous occasion and a big milestone in his/her development. However, teething can often open the door to several issues that can cause discomfort in your Little Hero. The irritation, drooling and interrupted sleep your Little Hero may experience is reason... Read more

Get Your Dental Checkups Done Before School Starts!

The new school year is getting closer, which means a big chunk of your time will soon be spent shopping for new clothes and school supplies for your Little Hero. While shoes, books and pencils are a must, the super sidekicks at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry encourage you to... Read more