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The Nose Pinch: Why Does Your Little Hero Have Bad Breath?

Chances are you’ve opened your mouth to find your breath is not as fresh and minty as you’d hoped. While you may be thinking bad breath is only a problem for grownups, the truth is even the healthiest of Little Heroes can exhibit a stinky mouth. So, what causes... Read more

What’s the Reason Behind My Little Hero’s Bleeding Gums?

A child’s bright and healthy smile is one of the greatest sights a parent can see. However, sometimes their young set of teeth can cause concern when they’re coupled with bleeding gums. If your Little Hero has recently experienced this issue, know that the caped crusaders at Little Heroes... Read more

Pediatric Dentists: Get to Know Our Team!

You, the greatest of heroes, want what’s best for your little one. This includes making the right decisions when it comes to caring for their young and beautiful smiles. There comes a time when you must choose where to take your Little Hero for their first dental appointment. Will... Read more

Heroic Tips: Making Brush Time Fun!

Your Little Hero’s toothbrush is the most powerful tool to keep the voracious Sugarbugs at bay. However, it’s not uncommon for a child to try and avoid this magnificent super tool when it’s time to brush that big smile. At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we know the mission to... Read more