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Sport Safety: Protecting Your Child’s Mouth and Teeth

Summer sports are in full swing with soccer and baseball taking center stage for kiddos and parents alike. Kids across the Valley are enjoying their warm summer vacation and teaming up with friends to participate in local city leagues and school camps. Before you know it, fall sports will... Read more

Don’t wait! Set a date and beat the back to school rush!

Your little heroes are out of school for the summer and ready to enjoy their time off. To beat the summer heat, kids like to indulge in treats like refreshing soda and sweet juices, ice cream, popsicles and more. While those treats are delicious and satisfying, they can cause... Read more

It’s a Hard Knock Life: Dealing with Little Hero’s Loose Tooth

As parents, it is easy to admit that kids are accident prone. Every day is an adventure to them, and though most slips and falls are no big deal, some may result in serious harm. One thing to watch out for in the case of an accident is oral... Read more

Guess Who’s Back In Town

Who would’ve thought our Little Heroes team could get any better at defeating those despicable Sugarbugs.  But they have.  And now they’re back, better than ever. Plaki Plak, Gingi Gin, and Cavity Creep don’t stand a chance now! Fresh from their American Academy of Pediatric Dentist (AAPD) annual session... Read more