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Early Eating Habits and Dental Health for Your Little Hero

There are a lot of exciting changes that occur early in your kid’s life and the move to a completely solid food diet is no exception. This switch to solid foods typically comes into play once all their teeth appear, which is around 2-3 years old. At Little Heroes... Read more

4 Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Teeth this Valentine’s Day

Celebrating a holiday with sweets and treats tends to be a norm. Don’t you think? There’s something about a little sugary treat that gets you in the right mood, no matter your age. Whether it’s Halloween, Easter, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, there’s always a reason to let our inner... Read more

Your Little Hero’s First Visit to the Dentist

Whether it’s baby’s first time walking, first word, or first visit to the dentist, it’s always an exciting occasion to see your child experience new things. And at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we want to make sure your toddler has the best experience possible when it comes to their... Read more

10 Amazing Tips to Care for Baby Teeth

Your baby puts the “little” in Little Heroes. Without all those cute and wonderful children coming in to see us, our sidekicks would be bored out of their minds. Thankfully, we have the pleasure of serving all of your family’s dental needs—from your adorable toddler to Grandma and Grandpa,... Read more