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How Often Should I Change My Child’s Toothbrush?

Recently, you walked into your child’s bathroom for a routine cleaning and you saw something that you haven’t paid attention to in a while. Your child’s toothbrush. You make sure that they brush twice a day and floss, but you never really stopped to actually look at the bristles,... Read more

Choosing the Right Toothpaste for Your Little Hero

Walk down any oral hygiene aisle at your local grocery store and you’ll see shelves after shelves piled high with all different types of toothpaste. Finding the right brand of toothpaste for your child can be especially important if they are dealing with any sort of oral health condition.... Read more

Celebrating National Smile Month: The Wonders of Braces

With the weather getting warm and the school year wrapping up, this is the perfect time of year to celebrate National Smile Month. You devote so much time and effort to giving your children reasons to smile that you want to make sure that their smiles are as healthy... Read more

Three Tips You Need to Know to Make Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist a Success

You’ve heard plenty of horror stories about teething and all the discomfort baby will feel during the tooth growing process.  You’ve been dreading this but the time has finally come. Your child has finally got their first tooth. That means it’s time to pay a little visit to the... Read more