6 Ways to Get Your Little Hero to Brush

Brushing is the most important thing you can teach your little hero to ensure healthy dental habits for the future. But it’s not always easy to get them used to the routine. To adults, the sight of your toothbrush signals the beginning and end of your day, but for your little hero, it may be a sign to run fast in the other direction. If you’re finding it tough to get your child’s little pearly whites clean, here are a couple of ways you can make brushing fun and fruitful.
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Get Creative

If you treat brushing like a chore, your little ones are going to enjoy it as much as cleaning their room. Make it fun! When it’s time for them to brush, give them some freedom and allow them to try brushing on their own. Don’t be too strict with your instructions. If you give them too much direction, they’ll begin to feel pressured and brushing will end up being more of a household duty than a game.

Brush in Style

Let your little hero pick out a toothbrush at the grocery store in their favorite color and allow them to choose their own toothpaste. Remember, they don’t make bubblegum flavored floss for nothing. Not only will they want to brush more often, they’ll have fun doing it knowing they were instrumental in the process.

Teach Your Friends

Get them to practice brushing with their favorite dolls, action figures and stuffed animals. Sometimes teaching can be a learning experience for your children. If they can show their imaginary friends how important it is to have good dental hygiene habits, they’ll learn this, too. This will give them practice and they’ll have their plush friends as brushing companions.

Brush to the Music

Has your child been dreading the few minutes they have to spend with a toothbrush in their mouth? Turn up the music and brush away those cavities with your little hero’s favorite tune. Not only will they be brushing for the recommended two minutes, but they’ll also have a dance party while doing it.

Their Inner Hero

Throw a cape on your child and have them fight the dreaded Superbugs like the action hero they admire the most. This is the time to establish who the real villains are: Plaki Plak, Gingi Gin and Cavity Creep. Use your imagination to create a storyline for your little hero, preferably one where he battles and defeats the Superbugs. Kids appreciate the fun and excitement and will want to keep brushing until all the bad guys are gone.

Reward Them

It takes a lot to do something you don’t want to do, so commend them for getting their brushing done with a sticker or prize each time they brush their teeth. They’ll walk away with a feeling of accomplishment and pride. The more you praise them, the more they’ll want to keep doing it. reward them with a sticker or let them stay up an extra 30 minutes. Stay clear of the candy, and opt to give him privileges he or she might be seeking.

Little Heroes is Here for You

Getting your Little Hero excited about brushing can be a difficult task, but The Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry Team is here to help. If you’re having trouble getting your little hero acquainted with healthy dental hygiene habits, set up an appointment with our McAllen pediatric dentist.


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