Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment for You

\ If you feel like your pearly whites are losing their usual luster, you’re might be looking for any quick fix to get those surface stains under control. We don’t blame you. It can be easy to get caught up in all the tempting over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening products... Read more

Choosing The Right Time For a Trip to the Dentist

If Gingi Gin and Cavity Creep have it their way, your child will be one out of thousands of students that miss precious school hours each year because of dental disease.  That’s why a visit to the dentist is so important.  Let our Sidekicks at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry... Read more

6 Reasons Adults Should Get Braces

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Back to School: 5 Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Whether you’re dreading the upcoming school year, or just can’t wait to get the kids back into the usual routine, we’re all in back-to-school mode.  As the little ones arrange their school supplies and new clothes for the first day of class, you’re likely thinking about last minute things... Read more

National Tooth Fairy Day

My name is Trina the Tooth Fairy. If you don’t know who I am yet, I’m the magical fairy who has been putting goodies under your pillow when your pearly whites fall out. If your teeth haven’t started falling out yet, don’t worry, I’ll be dropping by soon with... Read more

Little Heroes Going Back To School: 4 Dental Care Tips for a Great Year

The new school year is about to start up and we know that our Little Heroes need to focus on getting As just as much as they have to worry about dastardly Cavity Creep and sneaky Plaki Plak. That’s why Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry wants to ensure your child... Read more

Tooth Brushing Tips for a Healthy Little Hero

Helping your little one build healthy and strong teeth can be a challenging and testing experience. Yes, at first they may get fussy or refuse to open their mouths every time you bring out the toothbrush, but don’t let that discourage you from teaching your little one the ways... Read more

Little Olympians

With the 2016 Olympics just around the corner we want to remind our Little Heroes that no matter who you are, you always need to take good care of your teeth.  Sure, Team USA Olympic athletes may have toned muscles, incredible strength, speed, and agility, but that doesn’t mean... Read more

Protecting Your Pearly Whites While Wearing Braces

Protecting your teeth and gums is essential in completing your orthodontic treatment, especially to get those straight pearly whites you’ve been yearning for. Keep in mind that braces make it harder to eat some of your favorite foods and keep your teeth clean. That means hard candies, and tough... Read more

Kool Kids Wear Braces

For a child, especially a teenager, getting braces can be a major event.  Thoughts of how they’ll look, and what people are going to think, might just be running through their minds! Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry knows that braces are a huge deal, but they don’t have to be... Read more