Getting Your Little Hero’s Smile Ready for the Upcoming School Year

The summer months are in full swing and while a new school year might be the last thing your little hero’s mind, there are important measures you can take to help their teeth make the perfect first impression. Oral care is not usually at the top of the back-to-school list of necessities, but it’s just as important as school supplies and new clothes. Let’s help your Little Hero start the year off right with these helpful tips for the best smile in the classroom.

The ABCs of Oral Care

Sometimes even heroes like your child can miss a handful of school days as a result of dental problems like toothaches or emergency dental appointments. Implementing strong oral hygienic values during the summer can help minimize these risks. Additionally, a good oral care routine can teach your kids how to keep their teeth a high priority and boost their confidence in the process.

  • Begin a routine for your kids to brush their teeth at least twice daily.
  • Use a 2-minute timer to make sure your little hero is brushing for the right amount of time. They can also sing the alphabet twice in their mind. That should be about two minutes.
  • Change their toothbrushes every three months to help fight against the hungry Sugarbugs.
  • Visit our heroic team of Sidekicks before the school year begins for your Little Hero’s regular dental exam. Our Sidekicks will help boost your little hero’s knowledge of Sugarbugs.
  • Pack vegetables in their lunch to promote healthy eating and replace any sugary drinks with water to avoid dental problems.
  • Make sure any pending dental appointments (fillings, cleanings, etc.) are taken care of before school begins to avoid missing school days during the year.

Gear Up, Little Hero!

The new school year will be here soon, so help your little ones greet it with the perfect smile. At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we have everything your child needs to gear up for any adventure. Our team of heroic Sidekicks can help your Little Hero in the fight against the Sugarbugs using advanced super tools and power chambers, so let the quest begin! For more information about our services, contact our office today.


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