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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. This means that it’s time to raise awareness and promote the benefits of proper oral hygiene for children. In association with the American Dental Association, dentists, teachers, and healthcare providers work to ensure that kids develop good habits at an early age... Read more

Treating Your Kid’s Cavities

Children get into all sorts of trouble as they explore the wonders of the world. Part of growing up is making mistakes and learning to avoid problems in the future. Every parent wants their child to grow up having a healthy smile but cavities are one issue that many... Read more

4 Resolutions Parents Can Share With Their Little Hero (And 4 Habits To Avoid)

The holiday season is in full effect and many of us are looking forward to starting the new year on the right foot. While your little hero probably won’t have any New Year’s resolutions of there own, that doesn’t mean we as parents can’t share a few to help... Read more

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth: Losing Baby Teeth

Sadly, our little heroes must grow, and losing baby teeth is a perfectly healthy sign of that. Luckily, the process usually isn’t painful, and as parents, we get to enjoy a few months of extra cuteness. At Little Heroes Dentistry, we get plenty of questions and concerns from first-time... Read more

Don’t Be Spooked: Top 5 Tips For Taking Care of Your Little Hero’s Teeth During Halloween

Even if you haven’t gone to your local Wal-Mart recently, it’s hard not to notice that Halloween is right around the corner. Many families are putting up their decorations and out finding the perfect creepy costume. But as much fun as Halloween is, we here at Little Heroes Pediatric... Read more

Braces Basics: Beautifying Smiles Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

As your children grow, you closely watch every physical development they go through, making sure that nothing out of the ordinary happens and that they are growing up strong and healthy. Our pediatric dentists at Little Heroes know that you want the best for your children as they fight... Read more

Timeless Tips for Taking Care of Your Kid’s Teeth

With so much going on in our family, it can be easy to overlook important health issues as our kids grow up. From the day they are born to the day they move out, their health is a priority that requires constant care because of constant threats. The family... Read more

Gingivitis and Tips to Help You Deal with It

It’s no secret that it isn’t brushing your teeth too hard that causes your gums to bleed. It’s gingivitis. The staff at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry knows that a number of other oral health care issues tend to sit higher on people’s list of dental concerns. While worrying about... Read more

Saying Goodbye to Good Friends—Thumb and Pacifier Sucking

At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we know how much little ones love their thumbs and pacifiers. Helping your little hero to let go of that binky is probably going to lead to a couple of tantrums and restless nights, but don’t worry, it’s definitely doable and we’re here to... Read more

Don’t Pass Your Dental-Phobia to Your Kids

Parents know how much their little ones love to mimic their actions. Whether it’s pretending to make supper, treating their stuffed animals like children, hammering away at their “car,” or repeating a not-so-nice word, our little heroes are definitely keeping an eye on us. That’s why it is important... Read more